A Perfect Weekend in London!

On her last day with UnderTheDoormat and in London, Lisa gives us her view on what would make a perfect weekend in the city.


Fancy a little walk outside on Friday night ?

I would recommend you to go to The Queens’ Walk to enjoy its party atmosphere. Surrounded by food-trucks and bars, overlooking the Thames, this is the place to be with your friends.

If you are looking for music, you can swing by the Underbelly Festival SouthBank it offers a nice open space bar and fun concerts by night, Free entrance. (Waterloo station)

Udderbelly Southbank

Saturday – the day of endless possibilities!

Harrods shopping

Why not go shopping? I would encourage you to go to Harrods – even if no one can really afford anything from there – because it is an amazing experience. Harrods is the quintessential place to go if you want to experience British eccentricity.

 South kensington

After all this shopping, you might want to take a rest and have some lunch,   I am sure you will enjoy South Kensington’s treasures: from Lebanese restaurant to Patisseries, the London French area is full of nice shops to swing by. (South Kensington station)

Sunny Sunday !

Brunch London

You need to keep your strength up, go out for BRUNCH !

Try the new food trend: Bread bowls. Those tasty bun are filled in with cheese, and everything you can imagine from the traditional bacon and egg to salmon and spinach. It sounds like the perfect alternative to a boring breakfast! The Barge House (Haggerston station)

If you missed the shopping session from Saturday, you can always go to Oxford  Street and Regents Streets.

If you want to stay in the neighbourhood and if the weather is good(!) I would urge you to take a walk in St James Park.

This is not only the perfect place to be if you want to see squirrels and feed ducks, it’s also a charming park surrounded by benches so you won’t miss a good spot to get some sun. (Westminster station)

St James Park

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