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A day in the life…

…of our cleaners

There’s a lot we do here at UnderTheDoormat. We greet guests when they arrive, and are on call 24 hours a day before we personally check them out at the end of their stay. We also professionally photoshoot our homes and personally meet new homeowners to explain how we can help them earn some bonus income from their home – hassle free..

But we can’t do everything ourselves, and we simply couldn’t survive without our most important partners: our cleaners. The sparkling homes we look after are the result of the amazing work by Dessye and her colleagues. So here’s a look at some of the stories we’ve had along the way, and a massive thank you!

Our amazing cleaner

The professional

Attention to detail comes naturally to Dessye, noticing when something isn’t right and then trying to fix it. Marketing executive Olesya recalls that she, “Once noticed that some linens were missing in the delivery bundle and she went to another home to find some more. I think she had to carry it through a number of flights of stairs.” Homeowners have asked us who our cleaners are not only for the thorough and professional nature of the job, but because of the way in which it is approached.

But also a personal touch

Almost as important for us at UnderTheDoormat, Olesya notes, is how, “She is very kind and always gives us chocolate.” This trait is mirrored by team member Stefani who, on a particularly stressful day, received some of the sweet treats. “Dessye gave me her Oyster Card, she gave me her second jacket and she hugged me after all. On our way to pick up a spare set of keys, we talked about everything, and ended up knowing that we both love dancing. It was like a conversation with a friend.”

It’s all plain sailing (well, most of the time)

It hasn’t always gone smoothly with our cleaners. Olesya explains: “So most of our cleaners are from Bulgaria and barely speak any English. Since I’m Russian and our languages are quite similar, I’d usually try to speak to them in Russian (they understand me better than if I speak English). Once I thought I explained everything correctly to a cleaner, but it turned out the opposite… As you know cleaners have to strip the beds and hand over dirty linens to our laundry delivery guys. I told a cleaner that she should give the dirty linens to the Laundry Heap guys when they buzz in. What she did was that she buzzed in to a neighbour’s door and try to give these dirty linens to a neighbour. I stopped speaking Russian with them.”

Whatever challenge arises, Dessye and her colleagues are there to meet it. We can’t thank them enough.


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