Your complete home service

Do you have a property thats stands empty, or you travel a lot leaving your home on its own?

‘I know that when I’m away my home is professionally cleaned, my laundry is delivered and I get some extra money on top.’

Through working with 4 companies you have an opportunity to have it all managed and paid via guests’ stays in your home whilst you are away.

High quality linen
Laundry delivery
Regular professional cleaning
Generates extra income to pay for the service through guests stays 

“How can my customers benefit from it?”

Property manager

End to end enhanced service for the home year round including linens, cleaning and maintenance paid for (with additional income potential) through guest stays while homeowners are away

Property developer

-Reliable and responsible company to manage homes for your clients
-Increases the value of the properties
-Single contact for any issues
-Strong processes in place to ensure consistent delivery


-Increases the value of the properties and loyalty
-Strong processes in place to ensure consistent delivery
-Ensures homes are looked after and well maintained
-High standards of guests for peace of mind

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