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It’s London Fashion Week 2017

Over the weekend, fashion houses have showcased all kinds of styles ranging from beautiful, to downright bizarre. Genderless skirts, tattered trainers and on-purpose smudged lips are to name a few of the trends waiting to be set for the seasons ahead.

So below we’ve compiled a guide on what to expect this season.

LFW 2017

This year’s main show will be held at The Store Studios, a creative space in The Strand – a break in tradition from Brewer’s Street Car Park, where the event has traditionally been held. The building will host a range of invite-only guests from journalists to celebrities, in other words, anyone who will do the plugging for the event and make the industry big business.

In addition to the androgynous clothing, and dishevelled make up looks, a key theme this year has been an increase in diversity. New York Fashion Week was recorded to be the most diverse in fashion week history, with an increase in transgender, plus size and ethnic models on the runway, paving the way towards a more inclusive fashion world. Diversity pioneer and plus size model Ashley Graham will be also be gracing the catwalk again this season, alongside transgender model Ariel Nicholson and social media usual-suspects Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Following London Fashion Week each season, the 4-day London Fashion Week Festival will take place between the 21 – 24, offering consumers a more accessible route to shop a curated edit of designer collections. The festival will also be a chance for those who missed the invite-only shows to get an inside look at the fashion industry. Attendees will also get a chance to sit in on a catwalk show and listen to talks by leading designers. With tickets starting at only £20, the event is not to be missed.

Don’t have an invite?

Despite being one of the biggest events in London, Fashion Week also happens to be one of the most exclusive; with most of the shows being invite-only. Seats tend to be reserved for only for bloggers, journalists and celebrities and anyone else who’s noteworthy enough to promote the event. So if like us, you find yourself without an invite, then fear not, you can tune into the festivities online. This year, almost all events will be live streamed in an effort by designers to make their shows more accessible to the public. So now you can tune into the extravaganza wherever you are!

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