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Secret Covent Garden

Surprise street

The area has a maze of side-streets, hidden gems amongst the otherwise busy thoroughfares. Built around 1627, Goodwin’s Court is an alleyway between St. Martin’s Lane and Bedfordbury. The row of former shops is still lit by gas lamps that transport you back through London’s history.

Hidden comedy

Covent Garden offers an extensive range of activities beyond the more well-known theatres and comedy scene. There are smaller, independent venues such as The Top Secret Comedy Club on Drury Lane, which feature performances throughout the week by both the freshest comedians on the circuit and big names, including Jack Whitehall and Jason Manford.

Free tours

Nearby is the Freemasons’ Hall, home to the United Grand Lodge of England that will be celebrating its 300th anniversary next year. The current building is a Grade II-listed Art Deco masterpiece built in the 1930s, and free tours are available during the week.

A food experience

For foodies seeking a unique adventure there are alternatives to the wide array of restaurants available. Hotel Chocolat’s flagship branch is found on Monmouth Street, home to its School of Chocolate and the Cocoa Vaults. Customers can enjoy their Bean to Bar events, where they are taught how to make their very own chocolate bars.

London’s oldest pub?

For those seeking a more historical evening the Lamb & Flag on Rose Street could be a contender for London’s oldest pub, famous in the 19th century for the bare-knuckle fights amongst its customers. More peaceful today, the establishment serves an array of food and drinks, hidden away in an old corner of Covent Garden.

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