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Best Free At-Home Workouts

There are undoubted advantages to working out at home: you can save heaps of money, exercise whenever you feel like it, and, perhaps best of all, you don’t have to lug all your toiletries to the gym for a post-sweat freshen-up. If exercising in your living room appeals, you’re in luck: more and more fitness gurus are now offering classes online for free. Read on for our top picks.



Barry’s Bootcamp is, by its own reckoning, the ‘original high intensity workout’. Within the infamous red room, instructors take participants through a series of gruelling exercises, switching between weights and sprints on the treadmill for 50 minutes. And now, for the first time, the legendary instructors of Barry’s are bringing their sweat-tastic workouts online via IG Live. These start at 30 minutes long, combining HIIT and body conditioning, and are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Joining in is free: just subscribe to Barry’s feed on Instagram to find out when the next workout will be taking place.



Known as ‘the sport of ‘functional fitness’, the CrossFit regimen was developed by Greg Glassman in the 1990s and soon amassed a huge following. Specialising in ‘functional movements’ – based on actions like picking up groceries, climbing stairs, etc. – CrossFit takes elements from a variety of different sports to create a programme designed for all-round fitness. CrossFit.Com’s ‘At Home’ section offers a range of free instructional workouts. Equipment is minimal (you might need some water jugs or heavy cans to lift if you don’t have weights at home) and there are workouts for all abilities. Watch out for the Hero WODs (‘Workout of the Day’) – these are the most gruelling workouts on the site.

Core Collective

Core Collective

Luxury London club Core Collective recently launched ‘CCTV’, which includes a variety of different exercise classes: everything from ‘Pilates’ to ‘Sweat’. Led by their qualified instructors, classes vary in length – from 5 to 45 minutes – and are available on demand. CC recommend that you ‘mix and match’ the workouts in order to keep your training ‘varied and fun’. There are classes to suit every level, with beginner and advanced modifications freely available during the workout. Best of all, CCTV are currently offering a free 7-day trial, after which prices start at £9.99 per month.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler was one of the very first YouTube yogis: her first video was posted back in 2012. Skip forward 8 years and ‘Yoga with Adriene’ now has millions of devoted fans worldwide – and it’s not hard to see why. Mishler has a laidback, welcoming style, providing helpful hints and nuggets of wisdom throughout each video, and there are hundreds of different yoga workouts to choose from: everything from stretches for runners to more traditional vinyasa flow sequences. If you’re new to yoga, Mishler’s ‘Foundations of Yoga’ series is a must-watch: in each tutorial, she breaks down key yoga moves without jargon or fuss.

Body Coach

The Body Coach

What would any free at-home workout rundown be without Joe Wicks, YouTube’s very own Body Coach and the UK’s leading quarantine PE teacher? Joe Wicks is a firm believer that doing something is better than nothing (his ‘Lean in 15’ series of recipes and workouts, which catapulted him to success, were founded on the principle that just 15 minutes a day would be enough to transform your nutrition and fitness); as such, Wick’s YouTube channel is packed full of free workouts to suit every level. From intense fat-burners to family fitness routines to chair workouts for seniors, The Body Coach TV has something for everyone.

Fitness Blender


If you’re looking for no-frills fitness, be sure to check out FitnessBlender. An amazingly comprehensive site containing more than 600 workout videos of every type and to suit any fitness level – from burpee-laden HIIT sessions to strength-training routines and even pilates – FitnessBlender is an incredible free resource. You’re able to search the workouts according to the equipment that you have (there are plenty of strength training videos that only require bodyweight, for example), the body part you wish to work, and even the length of workout. All videos are delivered in American husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Kelli’s inimitable style: clear, friendly instructions, free of distracting music, and set against a plain white background. If you’re looking for something more tailored, Daniel and Kelli have also devised a series of programmes (with names like ‘FB Booty’), incorporating their videos in a more structured way, which you can purchase for a small cost.