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Future of travel: UnderTheDoormat’s very first ‘rapid-fire’ pitch

The pitch

We thank StrategyEyeDigital for a last-minute opportunity to take part in the Travel Industry event. We all were extremely excited to see where we are in the landscape of the travel industry while gaining insights from more mature industry players like Expedia.

All speakers were really engaging, in particular, Hostelworld which reminded us how we used to travel some decades ago and what a great and memorable experience it was.

In a magical 5 minutes we delivered our message which in reality was just enough to give some flavour of our business and spark interest from potential customers, partners and investors. What an exciting evening!

Some travel trends commentary

With the trend for travel being more personal it also made us aware that UnderTheDoormat is in the lead. Since we do face-to-face check-ins and check-outs, we always meet our guests who are amazing people and that is the best way for us to know who our customers are and how we can offer even a better experience.

With on-line purchases gradually being integrated in our lives, it inevitably affects how we travel and what our expectations are from travel providers. Immediate update on your phone screen on the status of your flight or your check-in time – it’s fantastic yet quite dependent on the network feature.

UnderTheDoormat was also one of the first firms to join the Sharing Economy UK – the new trade body for the industry which seeks to guarantee a baseline of service and responsibility from businesses involved in the sharing economy.

Partnership with Shows in London

We are delighted to share the news that we have partnered with Shows in London where we can offer 10% discount if the tickets are booked through us. Thank you for making it work so quickly!

We look forward to future events organised by StrategyEye and we are happy to provide new insights ongoing. It is an exciting time in our economy.