About Us

What do you love about your local area?

What if no one else was living in the area? Would these places survive? Would you still have a sense of belonging or feel part of your local community?

It’s scary but true – a terrifying number of buildings in London are unoccupied or rarely occupied; numerous major magazines have covered this topic already, and you can imagine how sad it is to live in a development where there’s a sense of emptiness.

There is high demand and not enough homes for locals and tourists who want to enjoy that ‘local feel’. Under The Doormat wants to take the opportunity to revive some of these ‘abandoned’ homes and areas. We are on a mission to support local businesses by restoring the sense of community in neighbourhoods that have lost it.

How can you help? Join, share and support.

Inspired by article The London Skyscrapper that is a stark symbol of the housing crisis