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Meet Erskine Berry

It’s hard to put a label on Erskine, our new London Director. He is a self-starter. A manager. A marketer. An events specialist. To say that he has had a wide-ranging and extensive career in the tourism and events industries wouldn’t do him justice.

Our new London director

Let’s begin with the self-starter. He has founded two firms, the first of which provided specialist services to the UK’s premier broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV. After selling the firm he pursued a further period in education, before he joined Altitude London, managing events for corporate clients including Barclays and Deloitte.

Now the manager, and marketer. He was a director
of Capital Attraction Partners, the second firm he founded that specialised in producing cultural events for the capital and helped to deepen his knowledge of London.

So why has he now decided to join UnderTheDoormat?

“After two years it’s a proven model: I’m delighted to be joining UnderTheDoormat at what is such an exciting moment for the company, to see it take off. There is a friendly, open brand which is really filling a gap in the market, and I can see that coming from the drive of the team.”

Erskine is a member of a six-a-side football team and loves to go travelling. “It’s a means of getting away from the daily life, you know – managing deadlines etc. My favourite place is Cuba: to see an incredible mix of music, being on an island where you can be right by the sea, as well as a place dripping with history.”

We’re excited that he has now joined UnderTheDoormat as its London Director, overseeing our expansion across the capital. He will play a key role in managing the operations of the team, as well as the overall strategy for the city.