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Meet the Team: Q&A with Elpida Lampi

We’re so lucky to have such an amazing team here at UnderTheDoormat - and we hope you'll enjoy getting to know them with our regular ‘Meet the Team’ profiles! This week we caught up with Elpida Lampi, our brilliant Business Systems & Processes Manager. Read on to learn more about Elpida, from her day-to-day tasks to her favourite things to do in London.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Elpida! Can you describe your job in a sentence or two?

I manage all booking platforms and social media; ensure systems and processes are robust; and also lead the onboarding and account management of Hospiria's international partners.

Tell us about a typical day at UnderTheDoormat.

As I am working with both systems and partnerships, every day brings many surprises - and this is what I love about it! I always do a first email screening prioritizing anything urgent and schedule my day accordingly. I am very organised so I set strict deadlines for myself, usually in a traditional notebook! I just love making notes and crossing things off the list.

Some of my daily tasks are:
• Speaking with our account managers about strategic moves we can undertake to increase visibility, bookings and our revenue.
• Speaking with our Hospiria Partners about onboarding procedures - making sure they feel well looked after and that they find the entire process seamless.
• Making new partnerships come to life, such as with Marriott International, as well as maintaining strong links with existing clients and partners. I always leave some time to get in touch with valued contacts, just to see how they’re doing and keep those relationships strong.
• Solve any possible technical issues that can arise between systems and their integration.
• Social media is now under my control. I really enjoy this and see it as a fun ‘break’ in my day.
• I always take 30 minutes at the end of my day to monitor what I have accomplished and what still needs to be done, as well as starting to plan tomorrow’s tasks.

Finally, a day at UnderTheDoormat is always filled with communication and laughter! Even if the day has brought a few challenges, I make it a priority to stay upbeat, check in with my colleagues and find something positive to discuss.

What’s been your proudest work moment to date?

In 2017 I joined UnderTheDoormat as an intern (with no experience). I will always remember those first months as the proudest moments in my career. The company was just two years old and growing rapidly, so all systems were in need of an overhaul. The management team trusted me (with my supervisor’s support) to lead the digitalisation of the company by improving systems, automating processes, and onboarding new booking platforms. I was even sent to meetings and events to represent the company. Those early wins, which helped me earn the trust of the company and my colleagues (and allowed me to progress to where I am now - still loving the work and leading big projects!), make me so proud.

If anyone says to you ‘why should I AirBnB my home?’, how do you answer – any top tips?

Anyone who has a home available for 2+ months should really consider short letting it. It keeps your property feeling like a home, provides reassurance that – should anything happen – there is someone there checking in and looking after it, and – perhaps best of all – you gain income! The best tip I can give is to urge homeowners to find a professional company with standards and accreditations; a company that will take pride in managing your home in the best way, listing it on many platforms, and that has the processes in place to find you quality guests. Make sure you do your research – it will pay off!

What makes UnderTheDoormat special?

One of the things that make UnderTheDoormat such a special place to work are my amazing colleagues. I am from Greece and this really feels like my UK family. Another thing that I really admire about UnderTheDoormat is the commitment to moving forwards, innovating, and seeking out new opportunities. We just launched our Hospiria platform, through which we offer a combination of service and technology to smaller industry players and help them increase their revenue and occupancy. As a team, we’re never happy to rest on our laurels: we’re always looking for gaps in the market and ways to lead the industry forward.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

I love the river (being from the Mediterranean I am obsessed with water!). London has so many beautiful paths that whenever I have the chance I will take a walk by the Thames: via Waterloo, Hammersmith, Putney… the choices are endless. It’s a pastime that really relaxes me. In addition, musicals are a must. I love London theatre!

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