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Meet the Team: Q&A with John-Paul Llano

We hope you enjoy our regular feature of 'Meet the Team'! We feel it's really important to give you an insight into our day-to-day routines (even though no day is ever the same!). At UnderTheDoormat we are proud of our team and we really pull together through busy periods, always expanding and creating which makes for a fantastic work environment. Here is a little insight in to our Business Development manager, John-Paul's role as well as a little insight into why short-letting your home is worth it!

Great to get a chance to chat with you John-Paul. Can you give us a brief description on your role at UnderTheDoormat?

I’m the business development manager here at UnderTheDoormat so my main role is to get to know potential homeowners, talk them through how we look after your home and help them earn effortless income. I also focus on business opportunities within the property industry to create partnerships, like our boutique aparthotel at 3 Sloane Gardens with Cadogan Estates.

What is a typical day like for you?

After our morning briefing, I will usually respond to new homeowner enquiries from the night before/ weekend. Then I will usually be reaching out to London Property Developers, or BTR providers along with whatever is on my to do list. Whether that means writing up proposals for partners or ambassadors to speaking to homeowners.

You’ve recently joined us here, what is your favourite thing about your role so far?

I know this sounds like a cliché answer however it is true! Not one day seems to be the same. Especially with the new launch of TrustedStays which is short term home rentals for key workers & business professionals and our boutique apart-hotel at 3 Sloane Gardens. On top of this, I feel like I am outside of my comfort zone most of the time which is actually an awesome thing as I am constantly learning!

If someone asked you why should I short let my home? How would you answer?

It's an easy way to make money. Simple. A lot of people work hard to own their properties and apart from selling it on and hoping there is “some” capital appreciation, why not make your asset work for you while you still own it rather waiting to sell it? Going away on holiday or business? Let us get some short lets and that can pay towards your holiday. Seems like a logical choice to me. There are also many other benefits to short letting your home besides the income, like keeping your property lived in if you're away for long periods. Plus, we also professionally clean it for your return too!

What makes UnderTheDoormat so special?

The unique backgrounds that all team members bring to the table. We have all been in very different situations and whenever there is an issue, more often than not, we can come up with a solution together. On top of this, we are at the top of our sector. We set the standards and those standards are sky high.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

I love going to watch anything live. Whether its music or stand up comedy. We live in such a unique diverse city that offers those in abundance which means you always have something new to do each weekend (Covid permitting of course). I am also a big foodie so I love discovering new places to eat.