About Us

Are you looking for a smooth moving in to a new home?

We know how peace of mind is important when it comes moving (unless you’re after an adventure) – if you’re looking for a professional, reputable and efficient company, then here’s your stop at Kiwi Movers.

Kiwi Movers in a nutshell:

  • ♦ They’ve been moving stuff without fuss since 2007
  • ♦ Their professional movers are fully insured
  • ♦ You can find a wide range of handy Kiwi Movers services that you can explore here.

How this works?

They will guide you through the
whole moving process

. And if you have any specific requirements, their experienced and friendly team will be more than happy to tailor the service to your requirements. Just ask and they will provide you with the best customer service.

You can also find a lot of very useful tips on moving homes on their website. Be it organising your moving or finding a storage and you want it to be hassle-free, just give them a ring, and they will be happy to assist you.

And if you’re still not convinced – read the review below from a happy Kiwi’s customer:

“Picture the scene: it’s 8:30, you awake, have a nice breakfast in your normal non-packed house, then a team of packers turn up and you go out for lunch (your only getting in the way so no need to hang around), you go for a nice relaxing walk afterwards and return at 3pm, it’s done, whole house packed and in the back of a lorry.

This is an exact description of how my last move, 6mths ago, went. My wife had a hard time persuading me it was worth it but I’m glad she did, I’m never packing myself again.”

Happy moving!