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TrustSeal: UnderTheDoormat is certified

With its extensive media coverage; you may have already read about it in Business Insider, City AM, Business Zone or Forbes. If not, the TrustSeal, administered by PWC and an Advisory Board, is a kite mark that validates sharing economy-related companies.

If you are looking for comparisons, then the ‘Fair-trade’ mark that you might have seen on lots of fruits or other products would be the closest to what it will mean for the industry. It will help to ensure the minimum standards and good practices are met by companies operating in such a rapidly growing and yet to be regulated industry.

To be considered for the TrustSeal approval a sharing economy company would need to comply with ‘UK Sharing Economy Good Practice Principles’ by providing evidences and examples that would support those principles. As an example, our bespoke insurance was chosen to support the principle ‘Guarantee are in place for Providers and Customers in the event of a problem or an issue with the relevant service.’ In simple terms, if there is any issue with a booking, we know it’s covered and given our other procedures, like personal check-in, we avoid issues from arising, giving our homeowners this peace of mind and trust that they are looking for.

For more information you can read at the SEUK page (Sharing Economy UK) or contact Merilee at merilee.karr@underthedoormat.com