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UnderTheDoormat's Pledge during the coronavirus crisis

Luxury home accommodation business, UnderTheDoormat, has pledged its support to London’s NHS who need accommodation by opening homes together with our owners and our linen partner LaundryHeap. They are opening homes for NHS Key Workers to stay in and providing their services for free during the COVID-19 outbreak.

UnderTheDoormat usually provides short let accommodation to guests seeking a home stay in London – offering the luxury service of a hotel in the comfort of a private home. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a downturn in its bookings so it has switched its attention to working with its customers – the property owners - and partner company Laundryheap, an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, to open up homes that might otherwise sit empty over this period to NHS Key Workers who want to stay close to their place of work or away from the rest of their families to reduce possible infection.

UnderTheDoormat CEO, Merilee Karr, explains, “Many of the thousands of NHS Key Workers across London are staying in temporary accommodation and funding this from their own pockets. As a business, our mission is to utilise empty homes across London and, whilst many of our paying guests are unable to book with us because of the travel restrictions, we want to make sure that these empty homes are put to good use and what better way to do that than to invite NHS Key Workers who are supporting our capital city through this crisis, to use them.”

Karr continues, “My own family members in the US are healthcare workers so I know first-hand how important their work is in this crisis. NHS Key Workers are essential for all of us and are going above and beyond on a daily basis. We hope that by offering them the chance to stay in a centrally located London home without charge will allow them to stay in a safe place close to their place of work. We also plan to ensure we give them the full UnderTheDoormat service – including quality linens and towels - so they can come home to comfort at the end of a long day.”

Laundryheap CEO, Deyan Dimitrov, comments, "The UK's NHS Key Workers need our support more than ever and we're in a very fortunate position to be able to offer a helping hand. We're proud to be working with UnderTheDoormat to offer this new initiative, and hope that our services to provide freshly laundered linens and towels can help ease some of the strain during this difficult period. Our on-demand services operate door-to-door and are contactless, meaning guests can rest assured that their laundry has been taken care of using methods tailored to kill viruses and other harmful germs."

UnderTheDoormat has a supply of 300 homes across London, ranging from 1 bed apartments to large family homes.

Get Involved:

Go to our dedicated site for NHS homes to apply for a home or let us know the details of your available home.

Join the pledge: If you are a company and want to join us by offering serviced apartments or any related services, please contact hello@underthedoormat.com.

UnderTheDoormat's Terms & Conditions would apply and are available on request.