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Why Christmas is the perfect time to short let your home

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of year - and the perfect excuse to try short letting (or ‘Airbnbing’) your home. But why would you? There are many benefits for homeowners, especially at this time of year when local events like Christmas Markets generate lots of incoming visitors to a city.

Firstly, our homeowners tell us that security is always a concern while they’re away. Come 4pm, most occupied homes are full of twinkling lights, beautifully lit Christmas trees, as well as general lights on around the house. It’s clear if your home is empty which is why this time of year usually coincides with a spike in burglaries. Many homeowners love the security of having their home lived in by other people whilst they’re away to stop their home standing out from the crowd.

Secondly, as many of us know, winter is a peak period for boilers to fail. There’s nothing more miserable than coming home to a cold house with no hot water! Having guests in your home whilst your home is empty means that everything keeps running even if the weather gets below freezing. It’s always helpful to keep water flowing through pipes when things get icy too. And, if a problem does occur, using a fully-managed company like UnderTheDoormat means that your guests will report it to us, and we’ll sort it out so you won’t get called away from enjoying your own festivities with your friends and family.

Thirdly, not everyone can (or wants to!) fit their extended family into their home at this time of year. Finding a local home that your family can stay in is a great way to keep them close by, and relieving you from the pressure of constant entertaining. Plus, with demand on local hotels at a peak, it’s much more affordable and comfortable for them to stay in a home, especially if they’ve travelled with children or in a group.

Finally, everyone knows it’s an expensive time of year. Having guests short letting your home means you can earn some extra income – think what you could do with an extra few hundred pounds! You can even treat yourself to an extra special holiday next year with the income you earn over Christmas, giving you another opportunity to earn more income next year.

There are many reasons people choose to stay in a home, and many benefits to local economies. Christmas markets are a great opportunity for people to travel all over the UK in the run up to Christmas, experience another city and local events like markets, pantomimes or ice skating.

It’s understandable that some homeowners might be a bit nervous inviting strangers into their home, but our research shows that 54% of people would be willing to rent out their home providing the right things are in place. Professional cleaning, insurance and being on hand for guests can all be concerns for homeowners. Fortunately, UnderTheDoormat takes care of all of this for you!

Of course, it’s not just the homeowner who benefits. Events like Christmas Markets are the perfect opportunity for other local businesses and shops to thrive and enjoy the additional spend power in the city. It works really well when a homeowner recommends their favourite local spots for coffee and evening meals that are off the beaten track who might not get so much of the footfall from the main streets and hubs.

You can hear our CEO and Founder, Merilee Karr speaking on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about how Christmas Markets and short letting can be the perfect opportunity for locals to earn effortless income while they’re away over Christmas here. Jump to 2:05:55 for the section on short lets featuring Merilee!

If you are thinking of short letting your home, UnderTheDoormat can help. Check out all the details here.

Merilee Karr is an expert on the short-term rental industry. Not only did she set up UnderTheDoormat 5 years ago, but she also co-founded and Chairs the industry body, the UK Short Term Accommodation Association. STAA’s aim is to set up industry standards and help guide regulation as the short term accommodation industry grows and flourishes.