About Us

What would you discover in 2016?

It’s also time to look back over the past year, achievements and what you’d hope to do and didn’t quite manage, and you might think of doing something you have never done before in the upcoming year.

How are you going to celebrate this wondrous season of giving and how can UnderTheDoormat help? We might not have the answer to finding your true love, but we could possibly help you go on the trip of a lifetime or buy the new bike for your new cycling hobby.

Our mission: Helping to improve our customer’s lifestyle by adding more value with a personal touch

It’s not a big secret that you can earn additional income with letting your home and feeling that whilst you are away, your home is not sitting empty. Airbnb ignited the sharing economy trend and gave this opportunity to millions of people.

Great idea, yet many realise that it requires a lot of effort – guest management (making sure they are over the moon with everything), linen management, cleaning, insurance etc. Our dream team at UnderTheDoormat will take care of it all just for you and you can focus on all other aspects of your life – we know how precious your time is.

Discover something new in the coming year!

Learn more about how you can earn extra income by renting your home with UnderTheDoormat when you are away by setting up a meeting with us in the new year to learn more!