Merilee Karr – Founder & CEO

The Catalyst


Merilee has travelled the world to over 60 countries – and feels at home in many of its major cities. A strategist, property management and partnership expert formerly working for a global energy company, she has always been inspired by authentic and memorable travel experiences. When she’s not feeding her own wanderlust, she loves hiking, cycling, skiing and taking part in the occasional triathlon.

Merilee has a passion for changing the world. 12 years working for Shell and being able to observe different cultures around the globe, gave birth to her desire to actually start making a difference in the way things are done. Combining her drive for initiating change with her love of travelling, Merilee realised the potential for tourists to experience a new destination like a local while allowing homeowners to earn extra income with piece of mind through the growing sharing economy.

Get to know the CEO

It was Merilee’s ability to observe and learn the different cultures in different locations that allowed her to realise the potential there is for tourists to actually experience a new destination like a local and how much authenticity and value that can add to one’s experience. It is truly inspiring when one combines their passion for travelling along with a desire that could completely alter how the industry functions in the upcoming 5 – 10 years. Meet the CEO  dives deeper into what drives Underthedoormat’s remarkable CEO.

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Leading Change

From providing new ideas and insights to talented, young, aspiring female entrepreneurs, to recognising the mechanisms that are needed to create a safer, more trustworthy short-let accommodation industry, Merilee is constantly challenging boundaries and ensuring the right safeguards are in place to help the sharing economy boom. Merilee chairs a seat on the Short-term Accommodation Association (STAA), designed to help homeowners and local businesses all prosper from the concept of short-term lets. In a recent interview with property week, Merilee discusses how ultimately, short-term lets can help ease the housing crisis many londoner’s are facing while ensuring all involved parties can benefit from the sharing economy.

With various features in numerous publications, like the Evening Standard, and The Guardian, London is realising that Merilee Karr’s Underthedoormat is redefining industry standards and helping travellers live like a local abroad, one home at a time!