19 Reasons To Avoid London In Autumn

Let's dive into exactly why London is the worst place on earth...


With the cold starting to settle in around us and leaves turning brown there’s one thing we all know for certain- the absolute worst place to be is London.

1. It’s clear that London is just another boring city

2. You can practically hear this guy shouting “GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

If you were a flower you’d be a damndelion 🌼🌸🍂 #FlowerPun #BuddingComedian #IShouldStopNow #AussieInLondon

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3. A very pathetic pond…

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4. Truly awful colours

bom seria se fosse nós😊 foto📷@shadz_ig London

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5. Nothing but grey skies in London

#nofilter #richmond #richmondgreen #autumn #leaves #blueskies #london #nature #home

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6. Can you even imagine hanging out with friends here?

What a perfect day in London! #sunny

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7. London is definitely not pretty in pink…

8. Nothing but grey skies and overcrowded parks

Hello sunshine ☀️

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9. You couldn’t pay me to stay here

#Inspo by @snowflakesfairy

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10. Oh deer! What a boring place!

11. An awful sunset

12. You can tell that this girl HATES London in autumn.

Autumn lunch break 😄 #autumn #regentspark #havefun #live #sunny🌞 #bechildish #warmcolours #nofilter #London

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13. This city is the opposite of stunning. Un-stunning. London is un-stunning.

14. Terrifying wildlife

15. Wow, did they submit this to awful archways dot com?

#kensingtongardens #kensingtonpalace #london #traveling #autumn🍁

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16. Look at this dull array of colours

17. It honestly hurts to look at this

Pinkspiration 💕

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18. In conclusion…

19. London is without a doubt the WORST place you could visit in autumn

If, after all this, you do decide to visit London then be sure to check out our homes here! And for the best events happening in London this autumn read this post filled with gardens, parties, bars and music.

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