The Definitive Ranking Of Christmas Lights In London

Here it is! The official and final definitive ranking of Christmas lights in London.


It’s the most magical time of the year! The christmas lights are turning on, Michael Buble is playing in every store and you definitely know a Grinch asking why people are excited for Christmas already. We’ve decided, once and for all, where the best Christmas lights are.

Strap yourselves in and prepare to be razzled, dazzled, and possibly frazzled should your favourite display not make the cut:

7. Kingston

source: Surrey Comet


Last place has to go to somewhere, and to be perfectly honest the town of Kingston made it too easy. These lights are definitely nice and they bring the all important festive spirit, but there’s something missing. That something is probably intricacy levels past what a six year old child could pull off. Better luck next year, Kingston.

6. St James’ Market

source: @write2sb

source: @ling_uk

Stars and angels fill the space between Leicester Square and Regent Street Saint James’. It’s a relatively small display which has contributed to the lower ranking, however the delight and warmth that it brings to a typically fast-moving passageway in central London is not to be underestimated. One wouldn’t go out of their way to visit this light display but if you’re in the area it’s worth popping by.

5. Bond Street

source: @katharineallenby

source: @applbytb

The lights on Bond Street are always sensational, with enchanting and intricate white and silver light displays draped above the famous street. The beautiful peacock feather designs manage to transport you to somewhere that isn’t, well, a crowded shopping location in central London.

4. Carnaby Street

source: @ienatalie

source: @glennfosterphotography

Carnaby Christmas Carnival is the most vibrant, exciting and fun-filled Christmas lights in London. The installation includes oversized party poppers shooting bright confetti into the air, and colourful birds proudly hanging around magnificent palm tree leaves. At night the entire display is lit up with neon, glitter and lamps to spotlight this exciting work of art.

3. Covent Garden

source: @alisinworldland


Covent Garden is possibly the most Christmassy location in London, short of those stores that sell Christmas products all year long. The light display isn’t the greatest in London and so we were forced to place it in the middle, but the atmosphere here is unmatched. From the grand Christmas tree and market stalls that don gifts, to the beautiful music playing in the space, this is not a location to miss.

2. Oxford Street

source: @geminatrix

source: @lozzas_law

A visit to London during the festive season simply isn’t complete without visiting this sensational attraction. The Oxford Street Christmas lights are on a completely other level, and instantly invoke feelings of wonder, merriment and joy. This dazzling display is a work of art, and is compulsory viewing for any festive person.

1. Regent Street

source: @philipp_pley

source: @philipp_pley

Walking down Regent Street will make you feel that you’ve been blessed by the angels soaring above you. A delicate canopy provides coverage all the way down Regent Street, with sparkling lights glimmering overhead. We highly recommend catching a bus, sitting at the front seat on the upper deck and watching as the angels fly over you. Don’t worry about the journey ending too quickly- for once we are thankful for the central London traffic as it makes the shining experience last longer.

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