Hidden London Gems At The End Of The Tube Line

Whether you're visiting for a weekend or you've lived in London your entire life, there is always something new to discover


London is an iconic city with an endless list of things to do, the most incredible skyline and dining like nowhere else. If you’re stuck in a rut then we have you covered with some hidden gems at the end of the tube lines.

Get ready to go all the way and explore London like you never have before, all with your trusty Oyster card.

Richmond Park

It’s impossible to believe that this place exists in London. At the end of the District Line you can find this magical park that looks like it was ripped straight out of a fairytale.

There are deer freely roaming, trees that are centuries old and a sense of calm you don’t expect to find in London. This park is perfect for escaping the bustling city life and letting your senses relax.

Key details:

Stay in this Picturesque Home nearby to make the most of this amazing park.

God’s Own Junkyard

If Richmond Park was giving your senses a break then God’s Own Junkyard is going to send them into over drive. Just ten minutes from Walthamstow Central Station at the end of the Overground you can find this eerie location.

It is like nothing else on earth, and will certainly make you feel that you’ve left this planet. Neon lights surround you, with music ranging from haunting minor key melodies to ABBA.

Dine in the small cafe serving everything from cake to sparkling wine, and bask in the strange and otherworldly atmosphere.

Key details:

This Eccentric Islington Home is the perfect place to stay in after God’s Own Junkyard.

London Eye

Every tourist and resident of London has visited this famous landmark but it is at the end of the Waterloo & City line, and it would be criminal to leave it off this list.

Experience breath-taking views from Europe’s tallest ferris wheel and soak in everything London’s spectacular skyline has to offer. It’s the perfect tourist attraction, and a must-see for any residents yet to visit.

Key details:

Check out this Colourful Home right in central London and stay close to all the action.

Hammersmith Bridge

This historic bridge a short walk from Hammersmith Station is definitely worth a visit. The bridge itself is nearly 200 years old and has seen many changes over time. Conveniently placed at the end of the Hammersmith & City line, and the circle line, this beautiful location is very easy to find.

At each end of the bridge there is an iconic motif made of seven coats of arms, and the flowing river below is popular with rowers and tourists exploring the city by boat.

Key details:

This Beautiful Home is right on the river and perfect for soaking in everything Hammersmith has to offer.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

Thrill-seekers don’t need to look any further than the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Right by Stratford Station and at the end of the Jubilee line is the world’s longest slide, where you descend from 114 metres to the ground in just under 45 seconds. During the ride unforgettable views of London flash past you, and your heart races as you speed down.

The ticket also includes a fast elevator ride to the viewing platform at the top where you can see the Olympic Park and half of London.

Key details:

This Gorgeous Hackney Home is a short bus ride from this thrilling attraction!


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