The Best Turkish Restaurants In Birmingham

As the second largest city in the country, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Birmingham has a lot to offer its tourists. Situated in the West Midlands, the popular city draws in millions of visitors every year. One of the highlights is the range of dining options which is a must when staying in accommodation in the area. While there are many cuisines on offer from Chinese to Italian and American, one popular cuisine that’s always worth a try is Turkish. 

It’s not hard to find great Turkish food in Birmingham, with several independent restaurants serving delightful, traditional dishes. Although we can’t talk about all of them here, we can give you this handy list of our favourite Turkish restaurants that we think you should check out.

Mount Nemrut Turkish Restaurant

Situated in Smethwick, Mount Nemrut - named for one of Turkey’s most popular destinations - is a Turkish restaurant you should definitely be adding to your go-to list. With rave reviews from locals and tourists alike, all of whom highly recommend the delicious dishes on offer, Mount Nemrut will provide excellent quality Turkish food at an affordable rate. They have a wide and varied menu allowing people to try something new with every visit. They also offer a family special which is great for groups of people who are looking to try some unique and exciting dishes. Then, of course, there are the Nemrut specials, which include traditional favourites such as chicken shish and lamb shish.

With a warm atmosphere, friendly staff and comfortable seating, it’s no surprise that Mount Nemrut is rated one of the best Turkish restaurants in the city.

Antep Turkish Cuisine

If you’re staying near the Balsall Heath area, you should absolutely check out Antep Turkish Cuisine. This is the place to go when you’ve got an appetite you just can’t sate for traditional Turkish food. Visitors describe the restaurant as authentic and say the Turkish meals on offer are full of flavour. With a wide array of traditional dishes, you really just can’t go wrong.

Alongside the amazing cuisine, you’ll also experience a wonderful atmosphere with locals and visitors raving about the charming interior. It’s a cosy, beautiful setting to enjoy a traditional Turkish meal.

As for the food itself, the restaurant offers a whole range of delights to try. From the sizzling starters like sucuk sausage and hummus with lamb shawarma to the charcoal mains which include Kuzu Beyti Sarma, there is something for everyone here at Antep Turkish Cuisine. With so many choices of meat, vegetable and fish dishes, there is no limit to what you will be able to try from the stunning menu. All in all, you really won’t want to miss trying Antep Turkish Cuisine during your stay.

Coppadocia Restaurant

Another popular choice for Turkish offerings when staying in Birmingham is the Cappadocia restaurant. Situated in Hockley, it’s easy to get to and is a great restaurant for a bite to eat after a busy day. Named after a popular Cappadocia region, this charming restaurant is a casual eatery which offers unique and outstanding choices. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some Turkish favourites along with the tipple of your choice at this restaurant. They also have a few unique offerings you won’t find anywhere else.

With so much on the menu, it’s the perfect choice if you are ready for a proper Turkish feast. The starters are delicious with both cold and hot favourites such as Tarama and King Prawns, both of which come highly recommended. As for mains, both visitors and locals rave about the kebabs. Whether you are craving an Adana or desperate for a chicken shish, the Cappadocia has lots of choices on offer including a fantastic range of sides.

So why not head on over to the Cappadocia for the best meal during your trip?

Marmaris Original Turkish Charcoal Grill

Of course, no trip to Birmingham would be complete without a visit to the Marmaris Original Turkish Charcoal Grill. This popular restaurant with many great Tripadvisor reviews offers some delicious choices of Turkish food. While it only has a small seating area, that doesn’t stop locals and tourists from heading to the restaurant time and time again for outstanding Turkish meals. You can dine in or, if you are on the way back to your accommodation, you can grab a takeaway meal.

The menu is vast and affordable with high-value food at reasonable prices. You also get a decent portion size, which is perfect if you like sharing your meal with others. They offer a variety of traditional meze starters including Kisir and Ali nazik. As for mains, as the name of the restaurant suggests, there is a wide choice of charcoal grill options. Whether you fancy some lamb ribs or want to treat yourself to a mega-mixed grill, there is plenty to go for. There are also some great chef specials which are not to be missed. What’s not to love about a sharing platter and a couple of tasty desserts?


Situated in the popular Dudley road area, the Turkish restaurant of Pasha is known for its excellent service, delicious food and relaxed environment. A must if you are visiting Birmingham, the restaurant has an authentic feel with dishes that range from grills to meze options. With so many traditional food offerings, you’ll get a real taste of the food from that particular region of Turkey. From cold and hot starters to seafood, you’re bound to be staying for multiple courses at this Birmingham restaurant.

They have a whole range of specialities with kebabs, steaks and grilled seafood on offer. From Yogurtlu Shish to chicken donner, these delicious food offerings are popular favourites. They also have excellent desserts to help complete your meal. Offering comfort, relaxation and outstanding food, you don’t want to miss a meal at Pasha during your stay in Birmingham.

Etci Mehmet Steakhouse

Last, but certainly not least, we come to one of the newest on this list of the best Turkish restaurants in Birmingham. This delightful restaurant is situated in Star City and is a superb place to enjoy a Turkish meal. It’s a popular choice with the new restaurant offering traditional favourites yet catering to the needs of their customers by offering gluten-free and halal choices on their menu. The modern restaurant offers top customer service and they work hard to ensure you have a wonderful experience. There are some great Turkish delights on offer with their steak and burgers second to none.

With a fantastic, eco-setting, you can feel relaxed with the cool vibe on offer while enjoying some incredible Turkish food. They also offer something unique with a (24-carat gold-coated) ‘Gold New York steak’. Etci Mehmet Steakhouse combines a traditional Turkish restaurant with a modern steakhouse in a way you won’t want to miss.