The Importance of a Good Spring Clean

Spring is a great turning point in the annual calendar. The days get warmer and longer, energy levels increase and (excuse the pun) but people have a spring in their step!

There is however the all-important task of spring-cleaning. Those very words might fill you with dread but studies show a clean home makes people happier! 

Think of it as an annual home reboot incorporating not only a deep clean but decorating, completion of those fiddly DIY jobs, and a declutter all wrapped into one. 

Why do we spring clean?

Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition from days gone by when winters were harsh (although winter 2023 hasn’t exactly been gentle) and homeowners shut out the winter cold with closed windows. Open fires burned most of the day inside and candles and oil were used for heating. All this created a lot of dust and debris so with the onset of warmer days it was time to get rid of the winter grime. Times have changed but still the tradition continues.

How is it different to a normal clean?

A spring clean is an intensive clean of areas that are forgotten or ignored during standard cleans throughout the rest of the year. It means moving furniture, taking down curtains and blinds, getting into the back of cupboards and steam cleaning carpets and soft furnishings with professional equipment.

It’s an important task in any home but even more so when short lettingCleanliness is a priority for guests who are put off by cobwebs round the windows or a grimy oven. Best to get these tasks done before we come into peak season as there won’t be time in between bookings for deep cleaning. It’s all go until autumn.

Below are a few tips to make the task less arduous. Remember a clean home not only contributes to good mental health but leaves fewer places for germs and bacteria to hide contributing to better physical health.

  • Start by decluttering. No point trying to clean round old and discarded objects. Clear stuff off shelves, countertops and tables. When they are littered with odds and ends, it makes it harder to clean thoroughly. Go through your wardrobe and discard what you don’t need. Try and refresh everyday objects such as toothbrush holders, lampshades or chopping boards.
  • Make sure you have all the right cleaning products and equipment. UnderTheDoormat supports eco-awareness and sustainability so stock up on eco-friendly products and recycle old clothing as dusters.
  • The kitchen is usually the room that needs a deep clean the most. Take everything out of kitchen cupboards, spray in cleaning product to loosen grime and then wipe clean with a hot soapy cloth. Don’t forget your appliances - descale the kettle, de-crumb the toaster, polish the coffee machine and book in a professional oven clean. Dishwashers and washing machines are appliances that we use everyday, however they still need to be cleaned. Special cleaning products are available for them in supermarkets. Then there’s the fridge - empty all surface areas, such as shelving and storage boxes then give them a wash and rinse to remove mould, bacteria, and germs. Last but not least is the bins that hold rubbish - a thorough clean and disinfect will make the world of difference.
  • Hire a steam cleaner or get an expert in. Make a to-do list which should include carpets, rugs, cushions, sofas and dining chairs with padded seats. After turning your mattresses steam clean those too and make sure there is an attachment for curtains. Wash all bedding including duvets (you might need to dry clean), mattress protectors, pillows and throws.
  • Clean windows both inside and out. Pick a grey day, not a              sunny one which will make it more difficult to see marks and stains. Sweep down the porch, driveway and garden. The winter really does take its toll on these areas.
  • Remove sofa cushions. Get right to the back of the sofa with a vacuum attachment. Don’t forget to move it too - you will be amazed what gathers underneath!


A deep clean provides a good physical workout too. Put a fun spin on it by listening to your favourite podcast or music at the same time. Get a friend along too and make a day of it!