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15 Quirky Restaurants In London That Can’t Be Missed

As the capital of the UK, lively London is one of the hotspots for entertainment, dining and nightlife. From Covent Garden to Soho, there are plenty of highlights that have the best bars, clubs and restaurants for tourists and locals to enjoy. It’s no wonder millions travel to the capital to enjoy the best food and drink on offer. They soon return to visit again with brilliant reviews left for the restaurants across the city As well as all the well-known brands, there are a lot of unique and intriguing restaurants to discover in the city. 

A lot are hidden gems with delicious offerings that will tickle your fancy. Whether you fancy some traditional Indian favourites, a scrumptious Korean offering or a Mediterranean treat, there is something on offer in London. This list of 15 quirky restaurants in London can’t be missed as they are so unique and quirky in their own way. This article will be your go-to guide when you are next heading to the capital.


1. Bustronome

Location: Victoria


What makes it unique: If eating in a unique location sounds amazing, you will love to go to Bustronome which is located in Victoria in London. A double-decker bus, this is iconic for the city and is now allowing you to tuck into a delicious dish while on the traditional London form of transport. What is cooler than eating on a double-decker bus. Eating while on the move is more popular than ever and with Bustronome, you can see all the sights of the stunning city while consuming a delicious gastronomic meal.

It’s a great chance to see the highlights of the city while enjoying a meal at the same time. Whether you go during the day and see the hustle and bustle of the city while tucking into lunch or go in the evening and see the beautiful lights of London, you will love the uniqueness of Bustronome. And with gastro food, this is one of the first of its kind in the busy city.

2. Bob Bob Ricard

Location: Soho


What makes it unique: If you are looking for somewhere quirky and unique with a touch of trendy sophisticated in the mix, Bob Bob Ricard is the way to go. Designed to perfection, it offers a luxurious setting that makes it an unforgettable dining experience. Feel like a celebrity in the glamorous restaurant which offers a mix of British and Russian food which is delicious. The booths are unique and add a touch of fun, there is a ‘Press for Champagne’ button at every table.

For those who love a glass of champers, they will love this quirky idea which will ensure a glass of bubbly comes to your table and its one of the only restaurants in the UK that can sell champagne by the glass.

3. Jungle Cave (Formerly known as Rainforest cafe)

Location: Piccadilly


What makes it unique: Previously known as the Rainforest cafe, this wonderful Jungle Cave restaurant offers something delightful for both your stomach and your eyes. The unique restaurant has beautiful sights of the Amazon rainforest and you feel like you have stepped inside the jungle in the stunning surroundings. Both kids and adults will love the unique features such as the waterfalls and animals who are scattered across the walls.

As well as the scenic display, the food is impressive with an array of American choices with some exotic food on the menu.

4. Inamo

Location: Soho, Covent Garden and Camden


What makes it unique: Enjoy the Asian delights of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai when you enjoy a dinner at the unique Inamo. Located in three busy parts of London, you can tuck into some oriental dishes which has rave reviews online. The Sushi is a popular choice as its served to share with the rest of the table. Also, the restaurant is unique as they have immersive projections on the table. Whether you want to play games, watch the chef cooking up your dishes or look around the neighbourhood, the choices are fun and unique while tucking into your dishes.

With this unique feature plus the wide array of food offerings available, it’s no surprise that this restaurant has expanded to three different restaurants in the capital. And with tablet-like features on the table, you can keep the kids busy while waiting for your food to arrive.

5. Madera Restaurant

Location: Marylebone


What makes it unique: A hit with the youngsters, Madera is one of the go-to restaurants with the restaurant often appearing in the top trendy restaurants in London. Situated in glamorous Marylebone, you get to enjoy Mexican delights while taking in gorgeous views of the city with stunning windows showcasing all the iconic attractions of the city. A Treenouse London experimental restaurant, the chic restaurant comes alive at night.

The food itself is unique Mexican offerings and they do a wide array of cocktails which are a spin on traditional Mexican choices. While you can go throughout the day, the night brings stunning views and a great atmosphere to the restaurant.

6. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Location: Shoreditch


What makes it unique: The first of its kind in the UK, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium lets you get up close and personal with the furry friends while tucking into some delicious food and drink. Situated in the East of London, the cat cafe has plenty of quirky seating that will enable you to view all the different moggies from great viewpoints. You can see if any of the kitties will approach you while they are roaming around.

With a variety of hot and cold food and hot and cold drink choices, you can enjoy a delicious lunch while in the middle of the cat haven. The restaurant also has a gift shop you can buy some cat items after your lunch.

7. Sarastro

Location: Covent Garden


What makes it unique: Enjoy some beautiful music while tucking into some delicious Mediterranean food on your visit to Sarastro. Immerse yourself in the best of London’s music from the likes of Latin, jazz and swing with the musicians performing while you dine in style. The glamorous restaurant is styled like a theatre with delightful boxes and theatre drapes on display.

The food is also delicious and is an array of Mediterranean choices. With the option of a set menu, you can enjoy a delightful three-course meal while listening to some beautiful music offerings.

8. Circus London

Location: Covent Garden


What makes it unique: If you love the circle and you love delicious food, you will want to visit the unique restaurant Circus London. Full of fun and laughter, the cabaret restaurant put on a performance while you tuck into some dishes.

In Covent Garden, you will find this restaurant which lets you enjoy a variety of food offerings while enjoying the likes of fire breathers and contortionists putting on a show. Why go to the circus when it can come to you at this quirky restaurant.

9. The White Haus

Location: Smithfield


What makes it unique: If you love skiing and love dining in style, you will adore The White Haus which is located in Smithfield. The gastropub pays homage to skiing with three floors of features which will let you feel like you are on the slopes. Features include a cable car and rustic décor that makes this restaurant so unique.

The gastro food is also reminiscent of ski holidays which choices that include cheese fondue and some Italian classics. A truly unique experience, you will love dining in style at The White Haus.

10. The Piano Works

Location: Piccadilly Circus and Farringdon


What makes this unique: For those who love to enjoy music while tucking into delightful food, they will adore The Piano Works which has restaurants in Piccadilly Circus and Farringdon. Boasting being a non-stop live music venue, the performances are ongoing and you can enjoy live music whether you go here for lunch or dinner. With a delicious menu of food and drinks, you can enjoy the food while listening to the band.

A perfect place for music fans, you can even request your favourite song on a napkin. The in-house band will play it for you so you can dine in style while enjoying your favourite tune.

11. Park Row

Location: Piccadilly


What makes it unique: A match made in heaven, Park Row is a DC-inspired restaurant which has been created in Piccadilly for fans of the DC films. With Warner Bros on board, this restaurant is a unique experience that will leave comic book fans in awe. The food is all themed on the comic books and the décor is also a must-see.

Beautifully themed, the food is top-class and there is plenty to see in the dining room which has some unique features including a hidden door in the bookcase. Fans of delicious food and film will love Park Row.

12. Brasserie of Light

Location: Oxford Street


What makes it unique: Situated in the Oxford Selfridges store, the Brasserie of Light is a truly unique restaurant that is a gem with delicious food and stunning décor. Designed to give a lush and glamorous look, the restaurant is iconic with its scenery a joy to behold. Hidden in the department store, a lot of people don’t know about this beautiful restaurant.

The food in the restaurant is a real mix of delightful flavours with both British and international favourites making the menu in the restaurant.

13. Mare Street Market

Location: Hackney


What makes it unique: Ideal for pizza fans, the restaurant has a wealth of pizzas available among other favourites which are all veggie or vegan-friendly. Additionally, the way the restaurant is laid out with different rooms makes it unique.

The restaurant has different areas which fit your scenario. If you are eating with friends or on a date, there is a different experience which will suit your needs.

14. Booking Office 1869

Location: Camden


What makes it unique: A truly unique restaurant, Booking Office 1869 is situated inside the St.Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London. The restaurant is classically themed and feels grand and extraordinary as you dine in style. With a Peaky Blinder feel, you will be transported back in time while dining at the restaurant.

The food is also top class with a great array of European fusion food favourites and a whole array of classic drinks to enjoy. Booking Office 1869 is a dining experience you would not forget.

15. Shaka Zulu

Location: Chalk Farm Road


What makes it unique: From stylish, exotic décor to food, this is a truly unique experience with décor that is vibrant and stunning. You will love looking around at the beautiful décor while tucking into some unique meals you might not have tried before. With meals such as crocodile steak on the menu, you can try something unique in London.

As well as having unique food offerings, they also have some of the most unique drinks to try as well. All while in a beautiful setting, Shaka Zulu is not to be missed to push your tastebuds to new levels.