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The Best Activity Bars in London

London has a fantastic nightlife scene, and there are so many bars to choose from, whether you’re in central or south London. However, it can become a bit repetitive as every bar offers the same thing: You get a drink, sit down, and talk to your friends. What if you want to do something different? That’s when you need to start trying the activity bars in London. 

Activity bars still offer drinks and a place for you to talk to your friends, but they come with a little something extra. Whether it’s watching a show, playing an arcade game, or something even more unique like an immersive experience, they are a ton of fun. 

There are so many activity bars in London too, so it can be hard to find the right one for you. That’s why we’ve shortened the list to the best activity bars in London to choose from. 

Circus London


Based in the heart of Covent Garden is Circus London, a unique cabaret bar that puts on a show full of acts such as contortionists, fire-breathers, and aerialists while you enjoy a fine cocktail and delicious food. The price starts at £55 per person, but it will definitely be a night to remember.



Queens Ice Skating


Get your skates on and head to Hyde Park for a night at Queens Ice Skating. For only £10.50 per person, you can glide on the ice and participate in other activities like curling and bowling. Once you’ve had enough, you can take a break at the rinkside bar. 



Electric Shuffle

Prepare to get your shuffle on by visiting Electric Shuffle in London Bridge. This bar is only £13 per person, and you can get involved in the traditional game of shuffleboard while showing off your skills and enjoying an ice-cold drink and great snacks. 


All Star Lanes Bowling


Who doesn’t love a game of bowling with their best friends? All Star Lanes Bowling in Holborn is the best place to do this, especially since it comes with fantastic drinks, bottomless brunches, and even some karaoke - all for only £7.50 per person off-peak and £10 peak.


The Grid Sci-Fi


Imagine heading to an escape room that double downs at a bar. Well, at The Grid Sci-Fi in Southwark, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. For only £32 per person, you will solve a combination of tasks and puzzles to beat the robots and save humanity while enjoying some delicious cocktails. 




Are you ready to put your mini-golf skills to the test, even after having a few drinks? If the answer is yes, you can go to Puttshack in Bank and enjoy the popular game with an immersive twist. It’s only £10 per person, and you can enjoy some great music, unique cocktails, and a variety of arcade games.



Hijingo Bingo


If you’re a bit bored of traditional bingo and want to try something new, you can head to Hjingo Bingo in Shoreditch, which provides you with a Japanese version of the game. The drinks are flowing, and the competition is thrilling, which makes this £11 activity bar in London, the ultimate place for a good night.

Alcotraz Immersive Experience


You can’t visit an activity bar in London without even considering Alcotraz in Hoxton. You get a feel for jail life and head behind bars in your own orange jumpsuit. This immersive experience provides you with a wide range of cocktails for £36.99 per person while trying to escape the prison.


Bat and Ball


You can’t go wrong with a table game, especially when beer is involved. Luckily at Bat and Ball in Stratford, you can have both. This £8 per person activity bar hosts games of ping pong, table tennis, and beer pong while you can laugh with your friends, listen to the resident DJ, and enjoy a slice of Well Street Pizza.


The Doodle Bar


Calling all artists! The Doodle Bar in Southwark is a brand-new activity bar which allows you to unleash your artistic side all over its walls. While you enjoy a bit of doodling, you can enjoy a few pints of craft beer or even a special gin and tonic. There isn’t a set price, but you will no doubt have a fantastic time.  

Sixes Cricket


Cricket is a fantastic sport, and it is even more fantastic inside with a drink in your hand. Sixes Cricket in Fitzrovia allows you to hit a ball with a friend or six combined with some of the latest technology. It is only £6.67 per person to start playing, and you will never want it to end. 


Flight Club Darts


We know you’re not supposed to talk about Fight Club, but… We can’t keep this one from you. Fight Club Darts in Bloomsbury allows you to enjoy the typical pub vibe but with a modern version of darts. For £8 per person, you can watch replays and slow-motion tapes while enjoying a tipple or two. 


Pitch Golf


This list wouldn’t be complete without another golf activity bar. That’s right; you can head to Pitch Golf in Bishopsgate, where you can use the golf simulator and practice your handicap from £15 while choosing from a wide host of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 


Rialto Backstage Bar


If you don’t want to get into the action too much but you still want to enjoy the entertainment of an activity bar, then you should visit Rialto Backstage Bar. With a £10 deposit, you can watch a variety of magicians, singers, dancers, and comedians in the heart of Leicester Square.


N1 Bar


If you want somewhere you can catch the latest sports while enjoying a game of pool or ping pong; then you will love the N1 Bar in London Bridge. It is only £12 per game, and you will be able to choose a refreshing drink while also listening to the resident DJ.


The Four Thieves


The Four Thieves is an activity bar in London that has it all. For only £10 per person, you can head to this pub in Clapham Junction that has a range of some of the most popular arcade games. To ensure you don’t go hungry, you can also order a slice of pizza and a beer to wash it down with.




Have you ever wanted to try VR but weren’t sure where? Then go to Gravity in Wandsworth Southside to try out some of the most classic games but in VR form. For only £7 per person, you can enjoy a cocktail while getting involved in entertainment like bowling, darts, and mini golf.


Four Quarters


You really can’t go wrong with arcade games and a couple of drinks, and the five-star Four Quarters activity bar in Fulham has just that. It is £15 per person, as long as you come in a pair, and you can enjoy half a pizza and house drink while picking out what game to play first.


Roof East


Not every activity bar in London needs to be visited at night. In fact, Roof East in Stratford is the best place to go for day drinking in the summer. It offers games such as bowls, mini golf, and baseball while you sip on some perfect summer-inspired drinks. However, bear in mind this bar is only open in the summer.


TOCA Social


Reckon you could have made it big time in the football world, but something stopped you? Why not show off your skills at TOCA Social? Based in the O2, you can get involved in immersive football while choosing a mouth-watering drink off the cocktail menu. This activity bar is £35 per person off-peak and £65 per person at peak.