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Where To Find London's Most Loved Film Locations

As one of the world's most iconic cities, it's not surprising that London landmarks appear in so many famous films. From the fantasy of Harry Potter to the complicated love life of Bridget Jones, the capital has taken a starring role in the history of cinema.

As a consequence, spending time in the city tracking down these locations and buildings is becoming an increasingly popular pastime.

So where to start?

Naturally London's most notable landmarks frequently feature on film, be it Tower Bridge seen most recently in Spiderman: Far From Home or the MI6 HQ in the James Bond film Spectre.

There are many other less well known places to explore that become special and instantly recognisable after a film is released.

The Globe Tavern in Borough Market dates back to 1872. It's a wonderful place to visit with its fine ales and food menu. For film fans the bonus is that this Gothic-styled building was used as Bridget Jones's first floor flat in the film series.

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Exquisite East Acton Home close to Shepherds Bush

"Harry Potter" station

Famously Kings Cross station is the site of the departure of the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone. Visit platforms 4 and 5, which were used for filming, and take a photo pushing a trolley through to a magical world at the wall marked Platform 9¾.

Fans of Paddington Bear should head to the Natural History Museum in Cromwell Road and Paddington station both used in the film. Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill was used for the exterior shots of the Browns' house which becomes home to the Peruvian bear.

Panoramic Peckham Home by the Overground Station

Deluxe Victoria Home close to Buckingham Palace

Notting Hill

In the opening scenes of the rom-com Notting Hill, Hugh Grant walks through Portobello Road market. It's well worth a visit, not only as a famous film location but also because it's full of quirky antiques stalls. And the famous blue door from that film can still be seen at Westbourne Park Road!

One of the most memorable scenes from another Hugh Grant classic, Love Actually, was also shot nearby.

The scene featuring Keira Knightley and her husband's best friend declaring his love for her was filmed at the striking St Lukes Mews, Notting Hill, a cobbled street near the market. Fans flock for selfies outside the house and, as in the film, it's still bright pink!

Alternatively head east to Gabriel's Wharf to sit on the bench directly in front of The Wharf restaurant. There you'll be in the exact spot as Love Actually's Daniel (Liam Neeson) and stepson Sam when they spoke of the "total agony of being in love". 

Bright Mayfair Home next to Hyde Park

Enchanting Clapham Common Home with Garden

The Churchill War Rooms in Whitehall

The Churchill War Rooms in Whitehall is a museum that comprises the historic underground complex that housed the British government command centre during World War Two.

This was the setting of the film Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill.

The acclaimed film noir Last Night in Soho was, not surprisingly, mostly set in Soho with Old Compton Street, Carnaby Street and the legendary Soho Square featuring prominently.

In spring 2022 Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek were spotted in Battersea Park and Clapham Junction filming for Magic Mike 3. If you hurry you may even bump into them!

Marvel's superheroes

Hampstead is a popular choice for filmmakers having been used in the Diane Keaton rom-com, actually called Hampstead! Marvel's 2021 superhero blockbuster Eternals used locations in Hampstead Heath, Belsize Park and Camden with a key battle scene taking place on Camden High Street.

In Leicester Square, traditionally the home of British cinema, you can find an interactive trail of statues. It features the likes of Bugs Bunny, Mary Poppins, Mr Bean, Paddington, as well as DC Super Heroes Batman and Wonder Woman. Designed to appeal to all ages, Scenes In The Square is free and takes visitors all the way back to the 1920s.

There are lots more locations - check them out online.

Sightseeing especially on foot in London is always enjoyable or maybe you go by tube - a location in its own right having been used in The Bourne Ultimatum starring Matt Damon. You never know where you might discover a famous film location on your travels!

Open day at 3 Sloane Gardens on the 26-28th of May 2022