Choosing The Right Bed Size

We know that a good night’s sleep is super-important for our health. There are lots of ways to achieve a deep, refreshing slumber, some simpler than others, but one thing that we have control of is choice of bed and most importantly the mattress size. Feeling cramped is not conducive to deep sleep and a large, quality bed not only offers back support, comfort but space too. Buying the right size is especially important if you’re sharing it with a partner and you both need room to move comfortably and in warm weather, keep cool. 

Bed sizing terminology

There are many different measurements and terminology when it comes to bed sizing. Asia, Europe, Australia, the UK and the USA have their own measurements and vocabulary. Confusingly the same size beds are called different names across the world! (Regal names are very popular in bed names - King, Queen and Emperor being the most common). Homeowners should always check which bed size they have so guests know exactly what they are getting.

UK and USA terminology is probably the most universal but bed names across the globe do get lost in translation. If a guest finds themselves in a smaller bed than they hoped for, it can put a real dampener on a stay. The biggest mistake is mixing up a UK King and a USA King - there’s a big difference. What is known as a Queen size in the USA is a UK King size. And did you know that what we in the UK call a double is known as a full in the USA?

To summarise, a good large mattress is proven to help restful sleep and aid  overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

If you have the wrong mattress - and that includes the wrong size mattress you may be jeopardising your health.

Below we iron out the differences and give a simple comparison chart to help prevent a King sized nightmare!