No, it’s not too late to let your home over this Summer!

UnderTheDoormat are specialists in premium short lets in London. We are seeing a huge rise in demand from our guests from around the world. Unsurprisingly, there is a noticeable upswing in bookings for this Summer, especially in July and August.

This means that if you’re toying with the idea of letting out your London home while you take your Summer break and have yet to get round to it (let’s face it, we’re all busy), the good news is there’s still time!

Why rent out your home while you’re away?

If you ask our homeowners, they are likely to say that they really enjoy knowing that whenever they are away, their home won’t sit empty and that it will be busy earning them an income instead. Trust is a big factor at play when you consider opening your home up to strangers and at UnderTheDoormat, we fully appreciate this.

We know that generating an income from your house or apartment is important, but making sure your home will be looked after is even more so. For our homeowners’ peace of mind, UnderTheDoormat has full, complete and direct insurance that covers your home during a guest stay. We have a stringent vetting process with guests who are met on arrival and departure by our guest team, and the guests are required to pay a deposit when we accept their booking.

As the homeowner, you will receive the income from each stay into your bank account up to 10 working days after the guests check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t I need to clean my home and provide bed linen?

No, not at all. An integral part of what we do is we carry out a professional clean at the start and end of every stay. As our guests expect a premium service, we also provide every guest with quality fresh bed linen and towels. You don’t need to worry about this, as our cleaning team will take care of it all.

This means that when you return from your trip away and unlock your front door, your home will be spotless and the income from your guest stay will be winging its way into your bank account.

Do I have to move all of my things out of the home?

This is a common question that homeowners ask us. The truth is that our guests are expecting to stay in a real London home and have the experience of living like a local. They aren’t looking for a minimalist shell, otherwise they’d book a hotel. That said, you might want to have a little tidy-up and perhaps put away anything that is personal or fragile.

For your peace of mind, we provide our homeowners ribbons and special tamper-proof tape that you can attach to any cupboards or drawers in order to keep it private. That way, the guests know what is out of bounds and they will respect that. For the comfort of our guests, we do ask that you make a little bit of room in a wardrobe, so they can hang some clothes and perhaps a drawer or two. That’s it.

What do I need to do to let out my home? How much time does it take?

The first step is to speak to our helpful homeowner team at UnderTheDoormat. They’ll answer your initial questions and arrange to come meet you and see your home, as well as give you a personalised proposal of how much you could expect to earn. This quote will be net of all operational costs, VAT and fees, and will allow you to work out exactly how much your home could earn while you’re away on your own holidays, wherever that might be in the world. The best part is, you really can leave UnderTheDoormat to do all the hard work for you.

Next, we arrange for a professional photoshoot of your home. Attractive images are crucial as they help attract guests to stay in your home. If you have a busy schedule, we can even do the photoshoot while you’re at work, so you don’t need to be at home while this takes place.

We will ask you some questions about how your home works, so that if guests contact us with a question, for example: ‘how do I turn on the hot water?’ or ‘how does the TV work?’ they will ask us – not you – while you’re away.

So there really is still time?

Yes, there really is. All of the above can be turned around in just a few days – and we can quickly start to market your home to potential guests on our website, as well as the leading global booking platforms, and get your home booked out. Although the majority of our guests book their stays in London in advance, we do allow for last-minute bookings too.

Should you be interested in this idea, but aren’t in a position to let our your home over the Summer, we take bookings from guests all year round. So whatever your situation, contact UnderTheDoormat to arrange your own personalised quote. We would love to hear from you.