Property Partnerships

How to maximise your clients’ income by working with UnderTheDoormat

We create mutually beneficial partnerships with select companies to maximise revenues for them and their clients.


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Estate Agents

Build stronger relationships with your clients by helping them maximise the returns on their properties.

Clients will continue to sell and long-let with you while we help fill void periods and earn income when they are away for shorter periods.

We also provide mutual referrals for landlords who are looking to let their homes on a long-term basis.

As a complementary business to traditional estate agencies, we can help you fill the gap in the market and offer more to your clients. We can even ensure that the home will be available for viewings.

Please visit our Estate Agents page to learn more about how we work with estate agencies.

Property developers

If you’re a property developer with new buildings coming on-stream we can help you generate revenue whilst your properties are on the market.

Whenever a home or building is sitting empty while you market the property you could be generating bookings and income on a short-term basis while you await a tenancy or sale.

In the instance where there is an entire building containing many flats, short letting can help create a more welcoming atmosphere whilst seeking the correct tenants.

Property management companies

Short-letting is an established practice but if you operate a building you want to know it is being done properly.

At UnderTheDoormat, we can ensure all short-stays in a building are a secure and peaceful experience.

We helped set the standard in the industry for high-quality short-lets as adopted by the Short Term Accommodation Association, and we provide:

1. 24/7 on-call service

2. Approved maintenance teams

3. Full insurance including for third parties

4. All guests verified and vetted, and given clear guidance on how to be considerate neighbours

Foreign Investors

If your clients are purchasing properties in London as an asset then short-lets could be a fantastic way of retaining flexibility and generating additional revenue from the home.

Letting the home through UnderTheDoormat increases security as the home is not left empty, as well as ensuring it is well maintained and looked after.

We also offer insurance to protect the asset.

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