Hammersmith and Fulham

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Hammersmith Fulham Palace
Hammersmith Fulham riverside pubs
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Whether you want to go to watch a football match or indulge yourself with a delicious meal in one of it’s wide range of pubs, restaurants or cafes – Hammersmith and Fulham are the right places to fulfill your appetite for a local life!


Local Suggestions

Food and drink

The restaurant scene has arrived with a bang in recent years in Fulham, while along the river there has long been a stream of beautiful and relaxing pubs, including by the Fuller’s brewery itself:



Independent boutiques and high-quality merchants are found in abundance near Parsons Green, while Fulham has all the essentials for your stay:


Days Out

Fulham Palace served as the former official home of the Bishop of London that is now a museum and the ground is divided in an allotment and a botanical garden:


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