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There is an annual hysteria in Britain about nothing more than two rackets and a ball. This madness for tennis all takes place in a spacious, leafy suburb of south London, an escape from the city where you can enjoy Wimbledon Village.



Food and drink

Restaurants and cafés

The relaxed nature of the area is epitomised by the large collection of restaurants and traditional pubs that line the Common, with wafts of Sunday Roast making that weekend walk even more enticing:

Queen's house Greenwich

Pubs and bars

The relaxed vibe of the area permeates Wimbledon’s pubs too, which have a more countryside feel than their counterparts in central London. Many are served by the local Wimbledon Brewery:

Greenwich Market Food Stall

Things to do

Being away from the bustle of central London means Wimbledon has developed its own, independent venues, galleries and theatres, all of which offer something distinctive:


Days out

In addition to its famous tennis tournament is the Common, a green accompaniment to the calm Wimbledon Village and its independent shops:

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