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UnderTheDoormat's Guide to Decorating your Home for the Summer

When searching for the ideal short term rental property the majority of guests have a specific criterion in mind for the property, they’re looking to stay in, those little additions can really boost occupancy rates for homeowners, whilst also helping your home become of greater desirability to guests. With this in mind, we have collated a few ideas to help make your home the best it can be for guests looking to make the most of their stay.

It is important to follow your gut when decorating your home, as it’s YOUR home!


Stay Unique

Guests are looking for unique touches within the property and this is integral to acquiring as many bookings as you would like. Therefore, we encourage you to stick to your style, as that way you’re most likely to attract likeminded guests to your home.

This way, your home is more likely to be utilised in the way you may do so yourself.



Fresh Paint

This can be truly transformative! Whether internally or externally, a fresh coat of paint can bring a space back to life or even change its ambiance completely. This can be great for achieving more bookings as newly decorated spaces are highly sought after and can attract a greater number of guests. Fresh paint can also assist with making a property feel cleaner, which is now more important than ever due to the pandemic and in line with our 10 Point Hygiene Promise!



Electric Fans!

Famed for our usually bad weather, the English summer will surprise you if you are not expecting it. For the last 3 years, our summers have been beautifully hot. For many guest’s fans are essential, as they have them in their own homes, so it is natural they would want them to feel comfortable during the warmer days. Not having them could discourage guests, potentially affecting your booking rate over the summer. Also beware, as the weather begins to heat up the sale of fans increase and many shops sell out, some even increase the price!


Garden Furniture

Having an outdoor space in the city is a real plus for many guests looking to book in the summer. So, making sure you utilise this space effectively is important. By simply trimming back the greenery and popping some seating or garden furniture outside it makes your home that much more appealing and can be a real benefit for guests looking to enjoy the good weather. By making some small adjustments, the results can be amazing for getting great bookings.



Light Bedding

In the winter there is nothing better than a gorgeous thick, heavy tog duvet; but in the summer there’s not much worse! During the warmer months, most people prefer to swap their heavy bedding for lighter alternatives, such as a lightweight summer duvet. Your guests will also likely appreciate this gesture. By having some light bedding available, guests will feel fully taken care of, comfortable and may be more likely to return or recommend their stay to others.



If this has inspired you to consider opening your home to short lettings, then look no further!

We at UnderTheDoormat offer a market leading insurance policies, bespoke, and fully managed short letting service. We offer total peace of mind, with our 10 Point Hygiene Promise, dedicated home-owner team, and account managers, as well as full flexibility and the most stunning portfolio of over 300 properties, in some of the most prestigious areas of the country.

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