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We work with agents in several different to help them leverage their significant portfolio of properties to deliver a better return on capital.

Estate Agents

Working with UnderTheDoormat helps estate agents to build stronger relationships with clients by helping them find a good financial solution to maximize their properties while they work with you on an ongoing basis.

As we are complementary businesses, we can collaborate to fill the gap in the market and build a long-term partnership.



Timing opportunities:

The cyclical nature of the lettings market might mean that you have properties sitting empty for a period of time (essentially losing money for the homeowner). There could be a great opportunity to help generate income through bookings in any interim period until the right long-term let is agreed, improving the overall value of your tenancy contracts to your clients.

New buildings coming on-stream:

When a home or building is sitting empty for a period of time as you market the property, there can be an opportunity to generate bookings and income on a short term basis while you await a tenancy to be agreed and/or start. In the instance where there is an entire building containing many flats, short letting can create atmosphere whilst seeking the correct tenants.

Portfolio optimization:

This could be one of the most impactful ways of improving the long term value to your clients with very little effort on your side.  Suggesting to homeowners that they grant permission to tenants to work with UnderTheDoormat as a permitted arrangement in your lease contracts could mean that you improve the overall profitability for the same clients, during periods they already have a confirmed income stream.


Additional value for clients post sale:

Providing an opportunity for buyers to earn extra money from their newly purchased asset can be a great way to build a long term relationship with them. When they go to sell the home or look for a long term let in the future, they could have your company front of mind, having helped them earn additional income.

Sales impact:

During the sales process- the biggest opportunity is to help people understand that they might be able to stretch their budget a bit further if they are willing to have people stay in their home when they are away.   Sharing UnderTheDoormat as a way to achieve that can help them consider different options (particularly for people looking for a pied a terre or a London base to use sometimes)

During the sale:

Many homeowners would like to ensure they get the right offer for their home. That sometimes takes time and they can have an extra income stream during the time they are in the sales process.  Even after the sale is agreed, it takes time for completion and working with UnderTheDoormat can make them more flexible sellers, providing an income stream until the sale goes through.




UnderTheDoormat can recommend you to clients we work with or whom we are speaking with that may decide to manage their property on a Long term let as opposed to short term.


UnderTheDoormat can recommend you to our homeowners when they come to sell their homes or when foreign investors who want to work with us are looking to buy.

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