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20 Great Group Activities To Do In London

Are you planning on visiting London with your family or a group of friends? You’ve come to the right place. There are loads of fun and exciting group activities in London for your groups to participate in. Whether you’re a foodie or simply want to get out and about, you’ll find something for you and your loved ones to enjoy. In this post, we’ve listed the 20 best group activities to do in London to give you inspiration on how to enjoy your time in this exciting city, and if you want to ensure you don't miss out the fun, check out Love to Visit where you can book exclusive events and activities.


Peddle Bikes Through London at Night


Nothing says friendship like teamwork, drinks, and a bike ride through the city. For some serious fun in the city, hire a Pedibus for a couple of hours and enjoy a giggle with a group of friends, family or colleagues. Pedibuses have you sitting around a table while enjoying a drink or two as you make your way through the streets of London and take in the bright city lights and see the exciting nightlife from the road. Several companies offer this great London group activity that brings huge amounts of joy as you pedal your way through town. 



Hot Tub Cruises on the Thames


Bring your swimsuits and towels for this one. One of the more novel London group activities is the Thames Hot Tub River cruises. For a few hours, you and a group of friends get to relax in a hot tub as you cruise through the canals of the River Thames. The activity comes with the option of having drinks on board. Just make sure you have one designated driver to navigate your group through the London waterways safely. This is a great activity to do as a group and will inevitably give your group endless enjoyment during your time on (and in) the water. 


Quirky Group Brunches


If there’s one thing London does well, it’s its famous bottomless brunches. With loads of themed brunch activities to do all over the city, you’ll definitely find something that your whole group will enjoy. Whether it's a musical-themed sing-along session, playing a game of shuffle, or experiencing a prison-themed bar with your friends, you’ll love the brunches on offer in the city of London.


Test Your Crowd’s General Knowledge at Quiz Nights 


You’ll get to know just how much your group knows when you put their brains to the test at one of the many quiz nights to enjoy in London. Gather a group of friends and keep your ears open as the quiz master reads out general knowledge or themed trivia questions, all while enjoying traditional English pub grub and a few beers. Some places have prizes on offer, even for the losing teams. Going to a pub quiz is a fun group experience for anyone, whether you’re feeling competitive or just there for the laughs. 


Tour The City With Themed Treasure Hunts


There are loads of themed treasure hunts to choose from in London. If you’re a fan of the likes of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes or are intrigued by some of London’s darker secrets, taking part in a treasure hunt is a great way to see the city on foot and solve the hidden mysteries of the city. These organised treasure hunts are fabulous for the whole family or for a group of friends to enjoy. Make sure you pack some walking shoes for your trip to London if you’re planning on tackling one of these problem-solving adventures. 


Challenge Your Mates with A Climb Up the O2


If your crowd is partial to something slightly more on the extreme sports side, then the O2 climb is definitely one for the to-do list. The route takes you over the massive arena’s canopy to offer you incredible views of London boroughs at the top. Climbers are secured with a harness as you ascend the O2 over a walkway that follows the stadium arch. Guests can choose from daytime, sunset, or twilight climbing times, so time slots are available to fit into your busy London itinerary. This is a must-do for those looking for something different to do in London.


Take The Group On A London Bus Tour


Bus tours are the perfect activity to do for anyone who is visiting London for the first time. The various tour routes take you to different parts of the city and offer audio tour guide options. This is a great way to learn about some of the city’s historical sites and prominent landmarks and their significance. Along the way, you’ll be able to experience a classic London red double-decker bus or one of the older models that have become a symbol of the city. It’s a lot of fun to do as a group if you want something to do in London during the day. 


Have Fun at Disco Roller Skating


Get your skates and your groove on and enjoy an evening at one of London’s disco-themed roller skating halls. These establishments will transport you back to the 80s when roller skating was all the craze. It’s great fun to do with the family or group of friends as you try your hand at roller skating. Don’t worry if you’re not so steady on your feet. Roller skating is a wonderful activity to do once you get the hang of it. Plus, the music alone is just as enjoyable as the activity, so we’re sure you’ll have fun no matter what. For the best spots, check out Roller Nation, Flippers, or Skating Haven. 



Satisfy Your Need For Speed When Go Karting


If your group of friends or family binds through competition, then go-karting is the ultimate group activity for you to do in London. Zooming around in specially-made cars, you and your group can race around as you try and be the first to see the chequered flag. When you book one of London’s go-karting experiences, you’ll be able to enjoy a set number of laps around the track as you tackle corners and try to avoid the tyre barriers. 


Get Creative and Take a Cooking Class


Friends and family that cook together stay together. Cooking classes are a great group activity to learn, play and, of course, eat together. The best news? London is jam-packed with many cooking classes introducing you to new cuisines and cooking styles. Some of the best ones to do as a group for a special night out include various pasta-making classes and sushi-making courses that will teach you a new skill and leave you feeling very, very full. 


Compete With Each Other in Mini Golf


Although not quite the Master’s Championship, when you tackle a game of mini golf with your family or friends, it can sometimes feel like it. London has several putt-putt and mini-golf courses for you to choose from. The kids will love the likes of Put Shack and Jurassic Falls, but there are plenty to choose from for the grown-ups too. Some of the mini-gold establishments in London also offer restaurants and bars for you to quench your thirst and fuel up for your game.


Enjoy an Immersive VR Gaming Experience


New technology has revolutionised how we experience video-gaming entertainment. One of the biggest trends for groups in London at the moment is immersive Virtual Reality (VR) games perfect for the whole group. With plenty of theme-based places around the city to choose from, you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Some of the best VR experiences in London include Meet Space VR, Navrtar, and the War of the Worlds Immersive. 


Reach New Heights On A Climbing Expedition


Climbing is one of the hottest exercise trends you can do. The Substation in Brixton is home to over 100 climbing routes for anyone who wants to take on the high walls or challenge themselves to bouldering. Although you can do this on your own, it’s so much better with a group of friends around you cheering you on. This is a great daytime group activity, although the climbing gym is open until 10 pm for you to enjoy evening climbs too.


Make Your Own Gin at the London Distillery


The City of London Distillery’s Gin Lab is open for you and your crowd to get experimental in your own gin-making course. Using traditional stills and guided by a professional, you can add your own flavours to your favourite tipple. After the course, you’ll walk away with a bottle of your homemade gin and newfound knowledge about the craft of gin distilling. 



Indulge Your Fancy Side At A London High Tea


Nothing quite says London like a luxury high tea at one of the top hotels in the city. Get a group together and head out into the city for finger sandwiches, an inevitable array of herbal teas, delicious pastries made by some top chefs and an afternoon filled with glamour. We recommend the Royal Horse Guards Parade Hotel and the Bentley Hotel for a quintessential English tea experience. 



Put A Team Together for Ten-Pin Bowling


When you’re in London, ten-pin bowling is taken to another level with themed alleys offering state-of-the-art lanes, bars, great music, and great fun. Some of the best places to take a group ten-pin bowling include All-Star Lanes, Rowan’s, and the Hollywood Bowl. You’re bound to see your crowd’s competitive side when you choose this group activity as something to do in London. It’s also a whole lot of fun as a day activity for you and the family if you’re travelling with the kids. 


Tour Football Stadiums With Fellow Fans


Fan of the beautiful game? Don’t wait for game time to visit one of the iconic London football stadiums. You’ll be able to see the home of your favourite football teams from a whole new perspective when you choose to do one of the football stadium tours. Some of the best ones in London include the tour of the impressive Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. You’ll be able to go behind the scenes and into the changerooms. This is the perfect group activity for you and any football fan friends you have. 


Drink Real Butter Beer at the Harry Potter Studio Experience


The Warner Brothers Film Studios in Watford has opened its doors to all of you Harry Potter fans out there. The tour takes you through all the sets used in the making of our favourite Harry Potter films and gives visitors the ultimate themed experiences. At the end of the tour, you'll be able to enjoy a pint of authentically-brewed butter beer from the Leaky Cauldron itself. Other experiences include the Hogwarts Express, the Great Hall set, and Diagon Alley. Gather all of your fellow Harry Potter-loving friends or take your family to this ultimate experience for true wizarding world fans.  


Dance to Abba Classics at the Mama Mia Party


Who can help to tap their feet to some of the Abba classics like Dancing Queen or Waterloo? The answer is very few people. The Abba-themed party is the perfect group activity for the grown-ups to enjoy and is the perfect night out for girls-nights, bachelorette parties, or just to go with a group of friends. The party is centred around the band’s tribute musical and popular movie, Mami Mia and is a guaranteed fun night out. The party brings you live performances from some talented London musicians, and food and drinks are served to keep your energy levels up as you dance the night away. 


Learn The Art of Chocolate Making at My Chocolate


Explore your group’s creative side as you enjoy the ultimate chocolate-making course. My Chocolate teaches you basic and intricate chocolate-making techniques as you enjoy a guided chocolate-making course from chocolatiers who are masters in their profession. The company has branches across London and other parts of the UK, making it easy for you to visit no matter where in the city you choose to stay. Visitors will be able to sample chocolate made by professionals and leave with loads of their own handmade creations to enjoy at home.

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