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The Top 20 Tourist Attractions in London

Travelling to a new city can be daunting if you don’t know what to do. Especially in a city like London where there are loads of attractions to keep you and your family entertained. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city and the number of things to do, fear not. We’ve got you covered. 

As experts in the top London tourist attractions, we’ve compiled a list of all the best places to visit in London to give you all the inspiration you need to make your trip unforgettable. Start planning your London break today and take a look at our top 20 tourist attractions in London, with some available to book at Lovetovisit.


Visit the Iconic Buckingham Palace 


No trip to London would be complete without paying a visit to arguably the biggest tourist attraction in London, the home of the royal family, Buckingham Palace. There is the option to take a tour of the inside of the palace, but the view of the iconic landmark is just as good from outside the massive gates. You can snap a picture from the fountain statue of Queen Victoria for the best view. 

The best way to get here is to take the Jubilee or Piccadilly line to Green Park Underground Station. Buckingham Palace is a short walk through the park which is extra pleasant in the English summer. 


Experience Changing of the Guard


In line with British Military tradition, the changing of the guard is easily one of the top tourist attractions in London. If you’re looking to experience something quintessentially British then this is definitely one of the best attractions you can see. 

To see this spectacle, you can gather outside St James’ Palace at 11:30 every day as the procession starts at this time on the dot. You’ll then be able to follow the procession down the Mall and finally end up at Buckingham Palace where the final part takes place. 


Reach New Heights at The View From the Shard


The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and is one of the most identifiable landmarks of the London Skyline. The View From the Shard attraction will provide you with incredible views of the rest of the city. 

There are also several incredible bars and restaurants in the Shard itself so you can wine and dine in the clouds while overlooking the city. The attraction also provides fantastic photo opportunities so that you can capture all the memories of your London trip.


See London from the Water On The Thames River Cruises


There are several London River cruises you can choose from from ones that regale you with loads of information about the city to others that allow you to enjoy a glass of bubbles as you bob along down the famous body of water. Some of the best tourism cruises are hosted by tour companies operating the main routes and a lot of them are very informative if you’re interested in learning some interesting facts about the city of London. 



Feast Your Eyes at London’s Best Markets


London is famous for its street food and craft markets which also means there are plenty to choose from on a day out in London. The best markets are definitely the ones that have a bit of history to them. 

Borough Market and Camden Market are the two we recommend the most, being some of the oldest market establishments in London. Both markets are for foodies with inspired dishes from all over the world as well as those that have an eclectic fashion taste too. 



Go To The Natural History Museum


Easily a venue with some of the most impressive exhibitions in the world, the natural history museum is a must especially if you are travelling to London with your family. You’ll get to travel back in time as you walk through the famous dinosaur exhibition.

This part of the museum is filled with interesting facts about these massive beasts that once walked the earth. Visitors to the natural history museum can also visit one of the biggest rock displays in the world along with animal and biological exhibitions. 


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


Ever wanted a photo taken with your favourite celebrity? Well, you can by taking a trip to one of the most famous London attractions in Madame Tussauds wax museum on Baker Street. The wax museum is filled with lifelike figurines of all your favourite celebs and even some historical figures too. 

The displays provide the perfect opportunity for photos and are popular attractions for families travelling to London with kids or just those who want to have a laugh. Madame Tussauds is accessible via the Bakerloo and Metropolitan lines as it is a short walk from the Baker Street underground station. 



Famous London Gardens


Although a bustling city filled with young professionals and exciting historical landmarks, London is also home to many stunning English Gardens. These are especially great to visit during the summer months and are the perfect venues for picnics and soaking up some vitamin D. We recommend visiting Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, Hampton Court Palace, and Richmond Park. Each has its own sense of English charm and history behind them which are worth the visit alone. 



Take A Trip On The London Eye


The London Eye is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world and offers visitors 360-degree views of London. The Wheel is near Waterloo train station and is located on the South Bank, which is also a great space to walk along offering loads of cafes and bars in one of the trendier regions of London. There is also the VIP option for those who want to add a bit of luxury to their London Eye experience.


See the Famous London Buskers in Covent Garden


Aside from being one of the best shopping spots in London, Covent Garden is also famous for its live street performances by some remarkable talents. Spectators can see anything from musicians to other specialised crafts like magic shows and circus acts. 

Seeing the buskers in Covent Garden is one of the most fun attractions in London. It’s also free of charge, although most people will give a donation after the show as performing is often a busker’s only form of income. 


Explore the Tower of London


The Tower of London is one of the oldest landmarks in the city and is home to the famous crown jewels of the royal family. Although these are the main attractions when you visit the Tower, it’s a place of many historic events that formed an integral part of British history. You’ll be shown around by traditionally dressed beefeaters and get to visit famous sites like Traitor’s Gate and Anne Boleyn’s grave. It’s a great day out for the whole family to enjoy. 


Catch a Show on London’s West End


Theatre productions in London’s West End are deemed some of the best in the world with world-famous musicals and plays by some of the most talked-about up-and-coming playwrights. Some of the longest-running shows like Phantom of the Opera and Mama Mia are just two of the magical sing-along productions you’ll be able to catch on your trip to London. 

To make the experience extra special, why not treat yourself to a dinner in Leicester Square or any of the surrounding Soho areas? There are plenty of bars and restaurants that will put the icing on the cake of your theatre experience. 


See London From the Sky at Sky Garden


Arguably one of the best viewing decks to see 360-degree views of the London Skyline, Sky Garden offers visitors a selection of drinks and snacks to enjoy while overlooking the city of London. The rooftop bar draws on the concept of a greenhouse as you can walk around the entire venue while enjoying the pristine gardens all under a glass roof. 

From the venue, you’ll be able to see some famous buildings including The London Eye, The Shard, The Scalpel, and The Gherkin. If you’re looking to see the sites of London, Sky Garden should definitely be at the top of your list. 



Check Out the Dome at St Paul’s Cathedral


Easily one of the most historic buildings in England, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most important places to visit in London if you’re visiting for the first time or showing someone around. The Dome is a masterpiece of mediaeval artwork and sits over 100m above the ground.

As you walk into the Cathedral, you’ll be greeted by beautifully carved religious figurines and intricately crafted stained glass windows. This London attraction is truly one for newbies to the city. 


Wonder Around Trafalgar Square And Piccadilly Circus


To get a sense of the true London spirit, you have to visit the busiest squares in the city. If you visit on a weekend, Trafalgar Square will inevitably have a protest or demonstration happening which is what this area of London is most famous for. 

Take a walk through Leicester Square and up towards Piccadilly Circus to truly experience the hustle and bustle of the city and take a not-to-be-missed photo op in front of The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain.


Explore Art History and The National Gallery


Even if you don’t consider yourself well-versed in art history, it is almost a guarantee that you will come across a piece you recognise in the National Gallery. The art museum is filled with portraits and artworks from all over the world. You’ll be astounded by some of the artworks you find on a casual stroll through the many galleries. 


Snap A Picture in Front of Big Ben


Big Ben is easily one of the most recognisable landmarks of the London skyline and a tourist attraction in London that you must see. Having recently undergone renovations, the iconic clock tower is looking as dazzling as ever, ready for you to take the perfect London snapshot. Big Ben is also right next to Westminster Abbey, which is also worth a visit as the venue for many a famous royal wedding and coronation.

If you want to get a good view of both the Abbey and Big Ben, consider taking a walk across Waterloo Bridge. If you do this at night, you’ll be able to see the face of Big Ben lit up as well as lights that illuminate the rest of the Westminster sites on the North Bank of the Thames. 


Experience History at The British Museum


Despite its name, the British Museum is not only home to historical displays about Britain, but rather has exhibitions that showcase artworks and artefacts from civilizations all over the world. 

In the museum, you’ll be able to see everything from ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses to Mesopotamian artefacts that date back centuries. All art displays take you through some of the most influential cultures of our time that ultimately gave rise to technologies and customs around in the modern day. 


Get Cultured at The Tate Modern


If you’re an art and design enthusiast, the Tate Modern would be a great place to visit in London and will be one of the highlights of your London trip. With exhibitions showcasing the artwork of many famous modern artists, the Tate Modern will expose you to some of the most interesting pieces in the modern art world. 

The museum was founded in 1897 by Henry Tate, a sugar merchant and philanthropist. The museum is now home to some famous artworks including pieces by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. You won’t want to miss these intriguing works of art. 


Travel Back in Time at The Globe Theatre


As one of the most famous English figures of all time, William Shakespeare moulded the English Language into what it is today. The Globe Theatre is home to The Bard’s timeless stories, poems, and famous plays. If you have a passion for literature, you can’t afford to miss immersing yourself in the works of Shakespeare at the original theatre itself. 

With plays still performed in the summer months, visitors to The Globe can experience history come to life as they enjoy Shakespearean productions from the same seats as people did 100s of years ago. 

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