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10 Cool Things To Do Near Kings Cross

King's Cross, located in central London, is a dynamic and lively neighbourhood offering many attractions for locals and tourists. It harmoniously blends a rich historical background with contemporary developments while conveniently situated.

Regardless of your interests, whether you're an avid history enthusiast, a food lover in search of new culinary experiences, or someone seeking memorable and unique adventures, we have something special in store for you. Let us present ten fantastic activities near King's Cross that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, and if you don't want to miss out, you can book exclusive tickets to unique activities by visiting Love2Visit.


Visit the British Library


Visiting the British Library resembles stepping into a treasure trove of knowledge and books. The moment you enter, you'll be greeted by a breathtaking atrium that sets the stage for an extraordinary adventure. Here, you can encounter rare books, ancient manuscripts, and renowned writings that have significantly shaped our world.

Notable highlights include the original Magna Carta, handwritten lyrics by the Beatles, and the iconic Gutenberg Bible. It's a truly awe-inspiring experience to witness these remarkable pieces up close.


Explore the Harry Potter Platform 9 ¾ 


Transport yourself into the enchanting realm of Harry Potter at Platform 9¾, nestled within King's Cross Station. This iconic spot recreates the fictional platform, fully immersing fans in the magic. Feel the excitement as you witness the famous luggage trolley vanish into the wall, and don't forget to join the queue for a photo opportunity, holding onto the trolley's handle as if embarking on a journey to Hogwarts. 

Adjacent to the platform, you'll find the Harry Potter shop, a whimsical store offering an array of wizarding merchandise, including Hogwarts scarves, wands, and magical accessories to extend your enchanting experience.


Stroll along Regent’s Canal


Indulge in a serene and picturesque experience by walking along Regent's Canal, providing a tranquil getaway from the bustling energy of London. This idyllic waterway flows through King's Cross, offering an ideal path for leisurely walks. Charming houseboats, vibrant plants, and delightful flowers along the route surround you. 

The gentle rippling of the water creates a soothing ambience, inviting you to relax and unwind. Whether you seek solitude or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, a leisurely stroll along Regent's Canal serves as a refreshing escape in the heart of the city.


Visit the Wellcome Collection


Come and explore the fascinating world of medicine, science, and human existence at the Wellcome Collection in London. This incredible museum is conveniently located near King's Cross and offers a captivating blend of art, history, and mind-boggling facts about the human body.

Prepare to be amazed by the fantastic displays showcasing various intriguing medical artefacts and modern installations. They'll truly ignite your curiosity and get you thinking about fascinating topics like health, identity, and the essence of being human. This place is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. If you love expanding your knowledge and diving deep into the mysteries of human existence, this is a destination you absolutely shouldn't miss out on.


Explore Coal Drops Yard


Prepare for an exciting adventure at Coal Drops Yard near King's Cross! This place has a fantastic history since it was a Victorian industrial site. It has now transformed into a vibrant destination with the perfect mix of modern shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

Take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully restored arches, and you'll come across a fantastic variety of boutiques, designer stores, and independent retailers. And when you start feeling hungry, there is no need to worry! There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars to satisfy your cravings. The architecture is absolutely stunning, and the atmosphere is buzzing with energy.


Check out the House of Illustration


The House of Illustration near King's Cross is a real treasure for art lovers and anyone who's into the beauty of visual storytelling. This gallery celebrates the incredible art of illustration in its many mesmerizing forms. Get ready to immerse yourself in mind-blowing exhibitions that showcase original illustrations from children's books, graphic novels, and a whole bunch of other visual narratives.

The artwork you'll find here is seriously amazing, from intricate pen and ink drawings to vibrant digital creations. Whether you're a fan of classic illustrations or totally into contemporary styles, the House of Illustration will take you on an unforgettable journey.



Visit the Camley Street Natural Park


If you need peace and quiet in the heart of London, you've got to make your way to Camley Street Natural Park near King's Cross. It's like a magical hidden oasis where you can escape all the hustle and bustle of the city and simply vibe with nature.

As you stroll along the laid-back trails, you'll stumble upon all sorts of incredible wildlife, from chirping birds and fluttering butterflies to quacking ducks and zipping dragonflies. The park is just bursting with lush greenery and great ponds, creating the most serene atmosphere. It's the ultimate spot to kick back, enjoy a relaxing picnic, or get your birdwatching game on.


Enjoy a show at the Bloomsbury


You should definitely check out the Bloomsbury Theatre near King's Cross if you're into the performing arts. It's a fantastic place with incredible theatrical productions, hilarious comedy shows, and awesome live music events that will leave you in awe.

What's even better is the cosy vibe inside. You'll be super close to the performers, and you'll feel the crowd's energy pumping through your veins. Whether you're a die-hard theatre fan or just looking to have a great time, the Bloomsbury Theatre guarantees an unforgettable night. Get ready for lots of laughter, drama, and mind-blowing performances. 


Explore the British Museum


The British Museum is a mind-blowing adventure through human history and culture, right near King's Cross. This place is packed with the most amazing art, artefacts, and ancient goodies that will leave you in awe.

Once you enter those massive halls, prepare to come face-to-face with legendary pieces like the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. They've also got mummies from ancient Egypt, jaw-droppingly intricate sculptures, and priceless treasures from civilisations all around the world. The collection at the British Museum is massive, spanning centuries of human civilisation. There’s a lot in store, so make sure you make a day out of it! 


Discover Granary Square


Discovering Granary Square near King's Cross is a delight for the senses. This vibrant public space offers a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. As you arrive, you'll be greeted by the sight of beautiful fountains, their dancing water adding a touch of magic to the square. 

Explore the bustling surroundings filled with cafes, restaurants, and charming outdoor seating areas. Enjoy a leisurely meal, sip a cup of coffee, or simply soak up the lively ambience. With its lively events, art installations, and energetic atmosphere, Granary Square is a place where people gather, relax, and enjoy the vibrant pulse of city life.


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