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The 12 Best Neighbourhoods To Explore In London

London is a big city, with so many fantastic areas to explore. However, if you’re only visiting for a weekend or a short amount of time, it can be difficult to figure out the best places to visit. You don’t want to leave your trip full of regret that you didn’t see the places best suited for you, so we’ve put together a list of the 12 best neighbourhoods to explore in London. And if you see a neighbourhood you really want to explore, why not take a look at some of the exclusive activities available in that area on Love2Visit?




If you’re looking for a more affluent area of London, you need to visit Mayfair. Located near Hyde Park and the West End, you can explore a wide range of unique boutiques, go to one of London's most famous shopping attractions in Harrods, eat at 5-star restaurants and admire some beautiful art in one of the independent galleries. It is a great place to stay with the number of hotels available and excellent nightlife to enjoy with a partner or best friends. 





You can’t miss out on the cultural heart of London - Southbank. Known as the entertainment district, there is so much for you to do. From a ride in the famous London Eye to a spooky thrill in the London Dungeon, you will never be bored after visiting Southbank. There is always something going on, including free events throughout the year, so keep an eye out for when you come to London.





If you want to check out an area that’s a little more eccentric, then Camden is the neighbourhood for you. Recognised as one of the best locations for live music, you can catch a concert pretty much any time you’re there. Whether you head to a dive bar or the popular Roundhouse venue, singers and bands will be everywhere. But that’s not all, as there is also the well-known Camden market where you can pick up some vintage pieces. 





Similar to Southbank, there are a ton of things to do if you visit Victoria in London. If you’re a fan of musicals, then you’d love checking out the popular musical Wicked, which plays at the Apollo Victoria theatre. You can also visit some of the most historic buildings in London, such as Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. To top things off, there is also a good selection of shops and restaurants to keep you busy. 





If you want something to post on the gram when you’re in London, then you’ll want to visit the streets of Soho. This neighbourhood is full of neon lights and hip restaurants that are perfect for a photo shoot. For a bit of entertainment, you can watch one of the blockbuster theatre shows or head to Chinatown for a bit of Asian culture. Soho is always full of interesting people, and you’ll definitely leave with something to tell your friends and family about. 



Kings Cross


Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes, you can’t leave London without checking out Kings Cross station. Home to the famous platform 9 ¾, you will be the envy of all other Potterheads. But that’s not all Kings Cross is known for. You will also want to check out Coal Drops Yard and its many shops and restaurants and the Canopy Market, with tons of delicious food and interesting craft stalls. 



Notting Hill


Notting Hill isn’t just a London neighbourhood known for the critically acclaimed film of the same name, it also has a lot to offer people when they come to visit. Full of beautiful townhouses and brick streets, you will want to wander around the area for hours. If you come at the right time in August, you’ll also be able to check out the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which is full of energy and lots of fun.



Covent Garden

Covent Garden is another neighbourhood in London full of surprises and entertainment. Located in London's West End, you can explore many beautiful opera houses and iconic spots. Either catch a performance at the Royal Opera for some angelic singing or head to the Royal Ballet to watch dancers show off their skills. There is also the legendary Covent Garden Market with loads of stalls for you to check out. 



City of London


Of course, you may think that all of London is known as the City of London, but there is actually a separate spot with this name. Also known as London’s Square Mile, it is full of popular sights for tourists and locals to explore. If you want to see the view of the city from St. Paul’s Cathedral or the iconic Sky Garden, you certainly won’t be let down. You can also explore the Museum of London for a fun-filled day out or head to the Tower of London for some snapshots. 





Located in east London, Shoreditch is known for its hipster bars, restaurants and coffee shops. If you want a nice afternoon out with good vibes and people, then Shoreditch is the neighbourhood for you. There is also a wide range of markets to explore to pick up a memento of your time there, and the Geffrye Museum, which will allow you to soak up a bit of history as well.





When you think of Westminster, your mind may go straight to politics. And that is because it is home to the Houses of Parliament. However, if politics aren’t your thing, there are many other attractions for you to check out, such as Big Ben. You can’t visit London without seeing Big Ben and hearing the chimes as the hours go by. You can also explore the art at Tate Britain and the famous lion statues in Trafalgar Square. 





If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of a busy city and want something a bit quieter, you’ll definitely want to head to Greenwich. With plenty of green spaces, it is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic. You can also take in the beauty of the riverside and check out the National Maritime Museum to learn a bit more about the neighbourhood. Whether you go to the Royal Observatory or Greenwich Park, your visit will be a good one.


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