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Spring Is In the Air

Spruce up your garden for spring

Gardens tend to be neglected in the winter months, meaning our hearts sink at the thought of the work that will be required to get them into shape again.

Yet now, more than ever, outside space is a valuable asset. According to one national property organisation, searches for homes with gardens to rent rose by eighty-four per cent last year compared to 2020.

Now that spring is in the air, there’s no better time to give your outside space a makeover whether it’s a garden, patio, terrace or balcony. Not only will it enhance the overall appeal of your home and lift your spirits, it will increase its letting potential during the valuable spring and summer months.

The first steps are straightforward. Remove dead plants and weeds, prune branches on trees and shrubs, clear fallen leaves and power wash paving, as well as objects such as fountains or bird baths.

Let the makeover begin…

Now it’s tidy again, you can begin the transformation. In early spring gardens can appear muted so visit a garden centre and buy plants that will soon blossom into a riot of colour. There are many easy to grow garden favourites readily available. Everyone is different so pick and mix what you like. Look for flowers you can plant en masse so you get literally a carpet of colour - and put in some perennials too. Also if you have a balcony, check they will grow in pots.

You don’t have to sit and wait for the colour explosion that arrives later in spring though.

Splashing out on brightly-coloured pots will give everything a lift. Or paint a feature wall outside just as you would inside. Choose a bold colour - a warm yellow or orange - and create a Mediterranean feel. A painted fence works well too.

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Entertaining space

Create an entertaining space with table and chairs as al fresco dining always appeals. Use waterproof fabrics for seating and covers while a waterproof rug is ideal for hiding worn or discoloured paving.

Consider zoning your outside space in the same way you do inside where areas serve a different purpose. For example zone a sunbathing area with a lounger and parasol or create a small play area for children. Place a bench in a shady corner making it a reading or working zone or simply a pleasant retreat on hot days.

It’s important to keep outside clutter-free. Not only does it help make your beautiful shrubs and plants stand out, it’s more relaxing too. Invest in a wooden chest for tools and paint it in an interesting colour. These are perfect for small balconies or terraces and also provide another place to sit! For bigger equipment like a lawn mower, invest in a garden shed - there are many funky versions available now. In addition to storage, investing in items such as a folding washing line and wind-up hose will ensure the garden is always clutter-free.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

One feature often seen in gardens is a mirror. That’s not surprising as a mirror will reflect sunlight and create the illusion of space. You could hang it on a painted fence and colour match the frame so the mirror feels integral to your garden décor. Mirrors also work well in the corner of a balcony.

There are many waterproof mirrors available or you can upcycle an indoor mirror using a sealant. The beauty of a mirror is that it will add atmosphere to your garden and in a small area will create a feeling of space and light.

Another easy win in terms of making outdoor space more welcoming and eye-catching is lighting. The obvious benefit is that the space, whether its a balcony, patio or lawned garden can be enjoyed at night as well as day. Lights can also be used to highlight a particular tree or other feature. For convenience, solar powered lighting is especially popular.

Improvements don’t have to be expensive. However they need time and energy. But as outdoor space is more important and prized than ever before, you can be sure to benefit from giving some love and care to yours.

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