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The 13 Best Things To Do In Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an area in the exciting city of London known to offer a vibrant atmosphere characterised by trendy bars, a brilliant food scene and a charming architecture.

To make your travels easier to plan, we’ve put together a list of the 13 best things to do in Notting Hill as part of your unforgettable London adventure. Check out these attractions and must-do activities to make your Notting Hill experience one for the scrapbook. 


Snap Your Dream Instagram Shot of The Colourful Houses 

For a great photographic memento of Notting Hill, you need to make sure you snap a pic in front of the colourful houses that characterise the area. The houses are prominent in streets like Portobello Road, St Luke's Mews, Lancaster Road, Colville Terrace, and Elgin Crescent. 

The colours range from bold, bright schemes to lower-tone pastel colours which thrive on a warm sunny day. These stunning homes make for a great picture but also add to the lovely atmosphere that gives Notting Hill its charming edge. 


Pay a Visit to The Notting Hill Bookshop

Another site made famous in the classic romcom, the Notting Hill bookshop is a must-visit for anyone who wants to relive the plot of the film. The Notting Hill Bookshop is the site that inspired the set in the movie. Although the original owner did not allow filming in-store at the time the movie was shot, the actual shop remains in Notting Hill. 

Now known as the Notting Hill Bookshop, visitors can look forward to uncovering some literary gems, including special editions, books by classical authors and some modern best-sellers. You’ll love wandering around the aisles as it evokes nostalgia reminding you of your favourite scenes in the film. 


Experience Your Favourite Brands Like Never Before

If there’s one thing that London is famous for, it’s the prominent presence of big company names and brands. Many of the most well-known names around the world began their inception in the city of London. It’s therefore only right that there’s an entire museum dedicated to the history of brands in the city, and it’s located in none other than Notting Hill. The Museum of Brands is a showcase of the history of advertising and the psychology behind some of the world’s most famous campaigns. 

If you’re in the industry of marketing and advertising, you’ll certainly appreciate the in-depth displays and information the museum has to offer. Even if you’re just looking for something different to do on a rainy day, it’s a great thing to do in Notting Hill. 


Take A Notting Hill Site Tour

When you’re looking around Notting Hill, you can’t help but think about the 1999 film that made this part of London famous. If you’re looking for something fun to do on your own accord, then it’s great to spend a few hours hunting down some of the spots that set the scene for shots in the movie. Rosemead Gardens is the setting of one of the most romantic scenes in the film. 

Although Rosemead Gardens is now kept for private use, you’ll still have fun having a look at it from the road. Don’t get inspiration from the fence-jumping scene in the film as you’ll likely end up in a spot of bother. The Print Room in Notting Hill Gate is the site in the film where Will first watches Anna’s new Sci-Fi Film, so it’s another place you can add to your self-guided tour. One other stop you need to add is the Nobu Restaurant, which is the site of one of Will and Anna’s dates. 


Enjoy Some Tasty Treats and Eclectic Crafts at the Notting Hill Markets

One thing that Notting Hill is certainly not short of is markets. Visitors can enjoy lovely fresh, local produce and creative goodies at any one of these wonderful marketplaces. The Portobello market is perhaps the most visited one, given its central location and famously fantastic food. 

However, the Notting Hill Gate Farmers Market is another gem for those who love everything about locally grown fresh ingredients and foodie creations. The Acklam Village Food Market is the perfect stop-off spot for lunch or early dinner especially if you want to enjoy the food that makes the culinary scene in Notting Hill so special.


Have a Gin-tastic Time at the Ginsuite 

The history of gin in London is rich with the spirit being commercially distilled in the city since 1638. If you’re in the UK during the summer months, nothing says “relaxed afternoon” like a tall glass of icy gin and tonic. One of the best places to enjoy your cup of mother’s ruin is at the Ginsuite in, you guessed it, Notting Hill. 

If you’re looking for a great gin experience, it’s recommended you book your spot ahead of time as the bar fills up fast. However, it’s well worth it as you’ll learn about the art of gin making while sipping on some delicious gin-based cocktails crafted by expert mixologists. 


Shop and Listen to Your All-Time Favourite Tunes at Rough Trade

Have a flair for nostalgia? The Rough Trade music and record shop may be your new-found haven for classic tunes. This Notting Hill store has a huge variety of records from everyone’s all-time favourite bands and artists. The store itself is also an Instagram-worthy building with old-fashioned architecture and a rock and roll atmosphere.


Get Groovy At the Famous Notting Hill Carnival

London is one of the best places in the world to experience the ultimate in cultural diversity. The Notting Hill Carnival is a celebration of the Caribbean culture in the city and attracts thousands of tourists, locals, and festival-goers every year. The festival has been taking place since 1966 and still gets fired up every year over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. At the carnival, you can expect to see phenomenal displays of colour, costumes, dancing, music and street performances which will ignite a new appreciation for Caribbean culture.


Awaken Your Taste Buds at Core

For those looking for a unique dining experience, Core is a must-stop. This Notting Hill’s very own Michelin-star restaurant headed up by the talented Clare Smyth. The theme of the restaurant is inspired by sustainable produce which is manifested in the dishes you’ll eat during this incredible dining experience. If you’re someone who takes eating healthy, sustainable food seriously, then this restaurant should certainly be at the top of your list of things to do in Notting Hill.


See How Many Blue Plaques You Can Spot

The Blue Plaque initiative in London aims to educate the public about some of the famous or influential people who lived or worked in old buildings around the city. As one of the more historical spots in London, Notting Hill is littered with Blue Plaques that provide information on influential people who previously resided in the area. It can be fun to make a list of all the plaques you’ve seen and makes for a great memento. You can also turn this into a self-guided walking tour by viewing a map of these sites online before creating a route to follow.


Experience Up-And-Coming Performances At the Coronet Theatre 

The city of London has strong associations with theatre and theatrical performance, and the area of Notting Hill is no different. The Coronet Theatre runs fantastic programs that help up-and-coming actors get a head start in the theatre world. From new playwrights and theatrical concepts, catching a show at this theatre is a must for anyone who loves the world of theatre. 


Discover Dynamic Designs At the Notting Hill Design Museum

If you’re seeking some inspiration for modern design, the Notting Hill Design Museum is a great place to get just that. The museum showcases some of the best works from renowned designers from around the world and exhibits incredible concepts in the design space. This is something unique and fun to do especially when the weather isn’t playing ball during the day. 


Snap A Selfie In Front of the Blue Door

The Blue Door has become an icon of the famous romantic movie and still exists in Notting Hill today. Located just off Portobello Road, you can see the very blue door that was used in the movie. It’s a great place for you to take a picture and preserve a memory from your trip to the lovely Notting Hill.


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If you’re looking for more inspiration for things to do in Notting Hill, make sure you check out LoveToVisit to flesh out your itinerary. With so many things to do in the area, you’ll love this little nook of London for its rich cultural atmosphere, delicious food outlets, and, of course, its rich correlation with the movie we all know and love.