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15 Things To Do Near Buckingham Palace

Are you visiting London and staying near Buckingham Palace? Or maybe you’re just a history buff who wants to visit similar attractions near the royal site. If either of these is the case, we have many activities you can get stuck into. 

Below are the top 15 things to do near Buckingham Palace. Each is something unique for you to try out and make your time in London memorable.


Take a tour of Buckingham Palace

A visit to Buckingham Palace offers a glimpse into royal opulence. While the inside might not always be accessible, the exterior is a sight to behold. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is a timeless display of precision and tradition that shouldn't be missed. The palace's grand façade and expansive grounds narrate a rich history and architectural magnificence.

Despite limited access, the imposing gates and undeniable aura of royalty make it a must-visit. Buckingham Palace, with its intricate details and captivating ceremonies, remains a symbol of regal splendour that never fails to enchant visitors throughout the year.



Visit the Queen’s Gallery

Adjacent to Buckingham Palace, The Queen's Gallery houses an extraordinary collection of art from the Royal Collection. Delve into exhibitions teeming with historical and cultural significance, offering a diverse array of artistic expressions. This treasure trove showcases paintings, sculptures, and artefacts that provide a vivid window into history. Upon entering, immerse yourself in the beauty and variety of carefully curated displays. 

Its close proximity to the palace adds to its appeal, ensuring convenient access to this cultural gem. Whether you're an art aficionado or a curious explorer, The Queen's Gallery guarantees an enlightening journey through the opulent heritage of the Royal Collection.



Stroll through St. James’s Park

Take a leisurely stroll through St. James's Park, a picturesque retreat right next to the palace. Here, you can enjoy a serene experience feeding the ducks gracefully gliding on the lake or find relaxation in its tranquil waters. Immerse yourself in the park's vibrant flower displays, adding bursts of colour to the serene surroundings. 

Amidst the city's hustle, this green sanctuary offers a perfect respite, inviting you to unwind and appreciate nature's beauty. Whether you're seeking a moment of calm, a leisurely walk, or an encounter with blooming flora, St. James's Park presents a refreshing escape mere moments away from Buckingham Palace.



Head to The Mall

Wander down The Mall, a splendid boulevard guiding the way to Buckingham Palace. This historic path is more than just a scenic route—it's a living testament to the city's legacy. Lined with statues and embraced by trees, it offers a graceful escape from the urban rush. 

Meander through this grand avenue, appreciating its architectural significance and the stories woven into its design. The Mall isn't merely a thoroughfare; it's an immersive journey through history and aesthetics. With its statuesque elegance and natural allure, it beckons you to leisurely explore as it leads toward the illustrious Buckingham Palace.



Go to Westminster Abbey

Nearby the palace stands Westminster Abbey, a distinguished UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic church has been the revered setting for numerous royal ceremonies, embodying centuries of tradition. Its significance in British heritage is unparalleled, drawing visitors to its doorstep from the nearby palace. 

Once inside, immerse yourself in its sacred atmosphere and marvel at its architectural splendour. Every corner of Westminster Abbey resonates with tales of coronations, weddings, and pivotal historical events, offering a captivating journey through the nation's vibrant past and enduring customs.



Watch the Horse Guards Parade

Observe the daily inspection of the Queen's Guard at Horse Guards Parade, an emblematic historical site. Here, witness the immaculate display of military tradition as the Queen's Guard undergoes their rigorous inspection. This ceremony, steeped in precision and heritage, unfolds against the backdrop of this venerable parade ground. Join the gathered spectators to partake in this revered display of discipline and history. 

The atmosphere, the soldiers' impeccable uniforms, and the resonant commands create an immersive experience steeped in reverence and tradition. Whether you're drawn by history or fascinated by ceremonial rituals, observing the daily inspection at the Horse Guards Parade offers an engaging glimpse into the esteemed military legacy of Britain.



Admire the Victoria Memorial

Admire the splendid Victoria Memorial, a grand tribute to Queen Victoria, standing proudly in front of Buckingham Palace. This majestic monument commands attention with its imposing presence and intricate design, embodying historical significance and royal homage. Positioned strategically near the palace, it symbolises an enduring legacy. 

Take in its regal beauty adorned with detailed sculptures and exquisite craftsmanship, transporting observers to the era it commemorates. The Victoria Memorial stands as a striking testament to a bygone time, inviting visitors to appreciate the opulent heritage and lasting influence of Queen Victoria's reign.



Tour Clarence House

Clarence House, a distinguished royal residence, intermittently offers guided tours, granting limited access to its magnificent interiors. Although not consistently open to the public, fortunate visitors may seize the opportunity to explore this prestigious abode. Rich in history and regal charm, it stands as a residence, occasionally unveiling its doors for curated tours. 

These rare glimpses allow a peek into opulent royal quarters and their exquisite decor. Despite its intermittent accessibility, those who secure a visit are treated to an exclusive view of a dwelling once occupied by members of the royal family. When accessible, Clarence House promises a captivating immersion into the splendour and heritage of royalty.



Explore the Royal Mews

Experience the Royal Mews, a bustling stable that houses both the royal horses and their majestic carriages. This immersive destination offers a unique chance to witness these elegant animals and admire the splendid carriages. Explore this operational stable to uncover the fascinating history behind these exquisite vehicles. Wander through and gain insights into the dedicated care provided to these esteemed horses. 

Take in the intricate details of the carriages, each one narrating its own story through masterful craftsmanship. The Royal Mews presents an engaging journey through history, showcasing the legacy of royal transportation and highlighting the integral role these horses and carriages play in Britain's rich traditions and ceremonial spectacles.



Visit the Churchill War Rooms

Delve into the Churchill War Rooms, the underground sanctuary where Winston Churchill guided Britain through World War II. Located a stone's throw from the palace, this site promises a captivating dive into history. Descend into the subterranean complex, where Churchill and his cabinet made pivotal decisions that shaped the course of the war. 

Wander through the meticulously preserved rooms, immersing yourself in the wartime ambience while gaining invaluable insights into strategic operations. The palace's proximity enhances this historical treasure's allure, offering visitors a vivid encounter with the intense leadership and challenges of wartime. The Churchill War Rooms serve as an enduring testament to resilience, inviting visitors on an evocative journey through one of Britain's most defining eras.


See a show at the Apollo Victoria Theatre

Immerse yourself in the arts at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, a neighbouring venue renowned for its vibrant shows. If you have a penchant for musicals, this theatre is a must-see. Celebrated for hosting popular and enthralling musical productions, it's a go-to spot for those craving an engaging cultural experience. Experience the theatre's grand atmosphere and get ready to be captivated by its dynamic performances. 

Whether you're a dedicated theatregoer or simply seeking mesmerising entertainment, the Apollo Victoria Theatre guarantees an unforgettable visit. Its proximity makes it a cultural hub, offering a diverse range of shows that transport audiences into the world of music, dance, and theatrical brilliance.



Go to The Royal Institution

Discover the Royal Institution, a scientific haven hosting talks, demonstrations, and exhibitions showcasing the forefront of science and technology. It's a vibrant destination offering engaging activities and insightful discussions. Engage in captivating talks led by experts, witness enthralling demonstrations unveiling scientific wonders, and explore thought-provoking exhibitions.

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation and discovery, where cutting-edge concepts come alive. Whether you're a science enthusiast or simply curious about the latest advancements, the Royal Institution assures an enlightening and immersive journey into the realms of scientific inquiry and technological innovation.



Have a picnic in Green Park

Adjacent to Buckingham Palace, Green Park offers a serene escape perfect for leisurely strolls or delightful picnics. This tranquil haven beside the palace provides a peaceful retreat from the city's bustle. Whether you fancy a relaxed walk amidst its verdant surroundings or wish to unwind with a picnic on its open lawns, Green Park sets the ideal scene. 

Enjoy the park's natural charm, from its calm pathways to the sprawling, grassy expanses, perfect for relaxation or an outdoor meal. Its close proximity to Buckingham Palace adds to its charm, presenting a convenient and inviting oasis. Green Park stands as a serene sanctuary, beckoning visitors to embrace nature's tranquillity just moments away from royal splendour.



Head to Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, just a short stroll away, is a vibrant epicentre showcasing the National Gallery and Nelson's Column. This lively square pulses with artistic energy, featuring street performers and a dynamic calendar of events. The National Gallery entices art aficionados with its extensive array of masterpieces, while Nelson's Column proudly commemorates historical victories. 

The square's vibrancy thrives in its bustling ambience, where captivating street performances entertain passersby and diverse events enrich the cultural tapestry. Beyond its historical significance, Trafalgar Square embodies London's vivacious spirit, seamlessly blending art, history, and the city's dynamic essence.



Explore the West End

Explore the bustling West End, a lively theatre district teeming with a rich assortment of plays, musicals, and performances. This vibrant cultural hotspot invites you into a diverse world of stage productions. From classic dramas to avant-garde showcases and toe-tapping musical extravaganzas, the West End caters to varied theatrical preferences. 

Meander along its lively streets adorned with glowing marquees, offering a tantalising peek into its vibrant entertainment scene. Whether you're captivated by compelling stories, harmonious melodies, or breathtaking spectacles, the West End's theatrical repertoire ensures an unforgettable journey. With its eclectic offerings and electrifying ambience, this theatrical hub epitomises London's global standing in the world of performing arts.



Final Thoughts

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