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15 Cool Things to Do Near Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic tourist sites in London and is one of those pieces of architecture that unmistakably identifies the city.

If you are travelling to London and looking to stay in the area of Tower Bridge, you’re spoiled for choice with all the great things to do near Tower Bridge. The area has a full range of bars, restaurants, markets, and museums which will only add to your London experience. Additionally, you now have the convenience of booking activities seamlessly through Love2Visit, ensuring you make the most out of your time near Tower Bridge. We’ve put together a list of 15 things to do in the area so that you can start planning how to spend your time near Tower Bridge. 


Dine on South Bank with a view of Tower Bridge


If you’re looking for fantastic meal spots that have a brilliant view of the London landmarks, then you have to try one of the many restaurants located along the Queen’s Walk of the South Bank. Whether you’re after a quick bite to eat or something slightly more sophisticated, you’ll be able to find something that suits your dining requirements. 

Tavolino Bar & Kitchen is one of the best restaurants to enjoy and gives you all of the photo opportunities. Patrons can request a window view, which is particularly spectacular at night with Tower Bridge illuminated over the River Thames. Other restaurants that offer similar views of the iconic building include Gaucho Tower Bridge which offers guests amazing steaks and grills. 



Meander around St Katherine’s Dock


One of the best areas to explore when the weather's nice in London is St Katherine’s Docks. The area is tucked away in between the massive buildings dotted around the city. As one of the most historic mooring points in London, St Katherine’s Docks is a stunning spot to shop and dine, with views of yachts and boats that are housed in the dock. The docks were opened in 1829 in an effort to increase the trading power of Great Britain. 

Now, the docks are home to quirky shops and some of the best restaurants in London. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch at establishments that overlook St Katherine's docks or simply take a walk through the area along the many walkways that allow you to navigate them. This is a great spot to take photos to add to your Tower Bridge memories. 


Enjoy high tea at Ten Trinity Square


Just a short walk from the landmark, Ten Trinity Square is a hotel where you can experience a quintessential English teatime break. The building vaguely resembles a wedding cake and is a hotel situated in a Grade II listed building. The menu is perfect for having a high tea and is great for having an afternoon of sophistication and a perfect refuelling point after spending all day exploring things to do near Tower Bridge. 


Explore one of London’s hidden gardens - St Dunstan


St Dunstan Gardens is actually ruins of an old church which are now the foundation of many plants and grassy areas. The gardens offer dramatic views of the old church and is the ideal location to take photos of the old architecture and enjoy a quiet sit-down in the middle of the bustling city. The church was terribly damaged during the Great Fire of London and has never been restored, which is now why the site remains in ruins while playing host to a section of serenity in the old church grounds. 


Explore the Maltby Street Market


Maltby Street Market is one of the top spots for foodies, which is why it made our list of one of the best things to do near Tower Bridge. The market is jam-packed with food stalls and some alternative clothing outlets, which are sold by vendors who have truly honed their crafts. The market only has opening times on weekends and does get busy in the summer months. 

However, this is the perfect place to grab some lunch and drinks in the heart of the city. It’s slightly tucked away under the train tracks but is only half a mile away from Tower Bridge. 


Catch a show at the Bridge Theatre


The Bridge Theatre is a fantastic location to catch up-and-coming shows before they make it onto the main stages of London’s West End. The theatre is the home of the London Theatre Company and stages some of the latest productions for spectators to see. Before your show, you can grab a drink at the bar and have dinner at one of the many surrounding restaurants. 

Dinner and a show make for a truly special night out and is definitely worth checking out when you are in the area. The productions at the theatre change regularly, but you can see what plays or musicals are on by looking at their website. 


Try something different at 2020 Archery


If you are looking for an activity to do near Tower Bridge that may take you slightly out of your comfort zone, why not try your hand at archery? This is the perfect thing to do if you are travelling with your family and will definitely give you a whole newfound respect for the sport. Located just a 6-minute walk away from Tower Bridge, 2020 Archery is one of the fun things for the whole family and a great opportunity to learn a new skill. 


Climb the Monument to the Great Fire of London


If you’re feeling fit and want to see London from a height, it’s well worth climbing the 311 steps inside the column of the Great Fire of London Monument. The monument was erected between  1671 and 1677 as a memorial to the Great Fire of London and also to celebrate everyone’s efforts in rebuilding the great city. 

From the top of the monument, you’ll be able to get views of sites like St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin and, of course, Tower Bridge. You should wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to allow people past who are going in the opposite direction to yourself. The spiral staircase is narrow and can be tricky to navigate, but once you’re at the top, it's all worth the effort. You’ll also get a certificate at the end, which awards you for climbing all 311 stairs.


Check out The Old Operating Theatre Museum


Located in an old attic is one of the original sites of British medical progression. The Old Operating Theatre gives guests an idea of what medical operations from back in the day would have looked like. This fascinating site is a great place to spend some time if the weather isn’t quite playing ball. You’ll also gain access to the Herb Garret, which was a room used to dry out herbs cultivated to mix remedies for patients. 

If you’re looking to learn a slightly more alternative part of London’s history, you can get to the Old Operating Theatre Museum by taking a 15-minute walk along Queen’s Walk from Tower Bridge towards London Bridge or get off at the London Bridge station and walk through Hay's Galleria. 


Snap a selfie at the Hermitage Basin


Another ideal site for photo opportunities near Tower Bridge is the Hermitage Basin. Close to the St Katherine’s Docks, the garden is lovely for a quiet afternoon and overlooks the Wapping Lake. The gardens are ideal for group photos to commemorate your trip and are an ideal spot to take a picon on warmer days in London. 

The gardens at the Hermitage Basin were built as a memorial for the residents of Wapping who lost their lives in the Second World War. This is one of the best places to take an afternoon or morning walk to start your day of sightseeing around London.


Do the Tower Bridge tour


If you’re staying around Tower Bridge, then one of the things you have to check out is the bridge itself. The tour is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the history of the bridge and London and why it was constructed. If you choose to take a trip up the towers, you’ll also get stunning panoramic views of the city from a height. As one of the most famous landmarks of London, a trip to Tower Bridge, while you’re staying in the area, is a great way to spend an hour or two while touring London. You can also have a look at the Tower Bridge exhibition while on the tour for more information about the site.



View Tower Bridge from the Thames


Hop on board one of the many boat cruises along the Thames, where you’ll be able to see the landmark from the water. Tours like the city sightseeing river cruises are great for learning about the landmarks that are on the banks of the River Thames and offer you great views of the surrounding areas. You’ll even get to go under Tower Bridge so you can see the intricate architecture that went into building the London landmark. If you want to see it at night, you can take one of the booze cruises, which are ideal for a special date night or to enjoy with a group of good friends. 



Learn more about Guy Fawkes at The Gunpowder Plot: The Immersive Experience


Travel back in time in this immersive theatre experience and learn more about the plot against parliament that Guy Fawkes devised in the 1600s. The experience uses technology and special theatrical events to take guests through the vaults of underground London and sets out scenes and rooms as they would have appeared in the famous 1605 Gunpowder Plot. 

The set-up engages audiences on all levels and plays on participants’ senses as you get transported into what the events of that fateful night may have looked like. This is certainly one for those wanting to get up close and personal with a piece of London’s history. 


Try new food and drinks at Vinegar Yard


Located next to the bridge and in the old archways of the River Thames, the Vinegar Yard is a food and flea market that brings visitors some of the latest foods and drinks trending in the city of London. It’s a great opportunity to stop off for a quick bite to eat or to spend an afternoon with your friends and family. You’ll certainly not leave hungry after a visit to this foodie spot in the Tower Bridge area. 


Exploring the Tower Bridge Area


When you stay near Tower Bridge, the areas that surround it give you ample opportunity to enjoy some of the best sites in London. It’s impossible to be bored in the area as there is so much to do and see. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your family and friends, you’ll have an incredible time exploring markets, restaurants, and historical experiences that will bring your overall London experience to life. 

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