Can Short-Term Rentals Help You Earn Money While Waiting For The Right Sale?

Data released today by the ONS shows that house prices in London have fallen over the past year, having remained broadly flat since 2016.

This comes on top of evidence that homes are taking longer to sell. If you’re looking to sell over summer, it really isn’t the best time.

Can you afford to be patient?

The challenge for homeowners looking to sell is really whether they can afford to be patient while looking for the right buyers at the right price.

Sitting with an empty asset is a double waste of money – you aren’t making the sale, but you also aren’t earning any ongoing income. You can’t do a long-term rental and an AST still typically lasts for 3 months at a minimum.

Short-term rentals can help you earn income while getting the right buyers at the right price

Short-term rentals can help you solve this problem. The market for short-term rentals is strongest in summer when buying can slow down.

If you work with UnderTheDoormat, we make sure that we structure the short-term rentals in a way that enables you to keep marketing the home to buyers, including:

• Enabling viewings during guest stays, sometimes on the same day

• Taking bookings only so far in advance so you can close the sale when you need to

• Only welcoming carefully vetted guests with full insurance, so you can know that the home will be treated well and look its best

To learn more about how you could earn money from short-term rentals while waiting for the right sale, contact us at or take a look at our Let My Home page.