Home ready...Steady, GO!

Taking the decision to short let your home makes perfect sense on so many levels. Income and flexibility are big factors. Security while you are away and the joy of being part of the sharing economy are others.

It takes time to weigh everything up before feeling confident that it's the right decision for you and your home.

Short let specialist UnderTheDoormat has many years experience in giving Homeowners the facts and figures they need, and are expert at 'hand-holding' during the process. Once the decision is made, we have systems in place so Homeowners glide effortlessly through the early stages, right up to the first guests crossing the threshold.

Over the years we have refined our onboarding process, as well as our at-a-glance Home Ready Guide, a list of what you need to do to help us get you live on the platforms and get the income, along with the five-star reviews, rolling in.

Our advice when reading it is to put yourself in the guests' shoes!

No one likes check lists but our Guide is not only simple, it really is vital. The health and safety aspect ensures we comply with insurance and legal requirements as outlined by Government, local councils and others. ID documents for you and your property are part of this process too - after all we are looking after one of your most valuable assets!

Requirements such as gas and electricity safety certificates, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and a First Aid kit are all essential safety measures and give peace of mind.

Mattress and pillow protectors are not just a hygiene issue, they help prolong their life and prevent dust too.

The Guide also contains a useful shopping list of items and extras that add to guests' enjoyment and comfort. Getting everything up front avoids constant reminders, niggles from guests and prevents last minute purchases with extra costs involved.

A light and airy bedroom scene

Most homes already have the listed items, often it's only a handful of things missing that are readily available and inexpensive online or on the High Street. Don't forget anything you buy is for your use too! If time isn't on your side, we can help you source the items.

Remember the world of short lets is based on trust and fairness. Rarely is anything broken or damaged and it's best to think of the financial outlay as a long term investment.

Our Home Ready Guide is about practical day-to-day living too.

A kitchen hob and side stocked with high quality pans and accessories

Guests need to cook just as they would in their own kitchen. They need a chopping board for example (thus preventing damage to the work surface.) They need a selection of pots, pans and utensils sufficient to prepare a meal, alongside enough cutlery, glasses, plates and cups for the number of guests the home can accommodate.

It's a welcoming gesture to provide staples such as sugar, tea, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic flakes, mustard, salt and pepper. Everyday ingredients everyone uses but are costly to buy for a flying visit - and wasteful and uneconomical to throw away. It's a sharing community, maybe a guest uses your best olive oil but the likelihood is they leave a herb-infused one for you and the next guests.

A microwave, toaster, coffee maker and blender are also modern day requirements and provide the small touches that help get the five star reviews.

A woman working on a laptop while sitting on a sofa

Watching television may not be to everyone's taste but if you're letting your home it is a must-have as is fast Wi-Fi. Needless to say a home without a dishwasher or washing machine will get the thumbs down, while a tumble dryer really adds to the appeal of a home. When this isn't possible a hanging/drying rack, indoors and outdoors will suffice.

Eventually most conversations in the United Kingdom turn to the weather! It can be hot and as air conditioning is seldom installed in UK homes, guests need fans. When it's cold, in addition to an efficient heating system, guests require an extra boost with a small electric heater.

It's about thinking of your homes as if you were a guest in it. Ask yourself 'is there everything in this home I need?' If the answer is 'yes' our Home Ready Guide makes perfect sense!