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Beating Blue Monday – top tips from our CEO & Chair of the industry body, UK STAA

Here we are on the day that is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year, and many homeowners may wake up this morning thinking about how to gain back their crazy expenses after Christmas holidays.
The good news for you is that the potential to make money from your home has never been easier and short-term letting will help providing you with a great opportunity to ease your financial woes this year!
If you’re new to the idea, you might think now “how could I rent my home out, I’ve never done this before and I’m afraid to do it all by myself!”. Luckily, UnderTheDoormat’s Founder and CEO, Merilee Karr has some top tips to help novice hosts get started:

• First, you should get the best out of your home by listing your property on many reputable platforms, such as HomeAway or Airbnb. Instead of wasting time doing this on your own, full-service companies, like UnderTheDoormat, can market, manage and insure high-end properties on many platforms simultaneously, just check out our services!
• You should check your security and safety systems by making sure your alarms and smoke detectors are in good working order. Here are some of our tips to make sure your home is always extra safe – especially during holiday periods!
• Organise your cleaning to make sure your home always looks its best. Try to keep everything in its place, ready to welcome new guests at short notice by reading our guide for smart storage solutions.

You can discover all Merilee’s other tips to avoid the financial blues by reading the full article here.