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Our Founder & CEO Merilee Karr discusses UnderTheDoormat with Global Shakers

Our Founder and CEO Merilee Karr is featured on Global Shakers (an innovative new publishing platform that aims to highlight 'game changers' in different industries) talking about her journey building UnderTheDoormat and our key plans in 2020.

Merilee was first inspired to set up UnderTheDoormat due to her own experiences when travelling: it was particularly difficult to stay in hotels when holidaying with a group of friends, for example. The world has moved on, and you can now easily rent a home anywhere in the world, but guests increasingly look for a professional experience. They don’t just want a home, they want the comfort of a home with the quality and professionalism of a hotel.

Moreover, some homeowners are nervous about renting out their homes, and want the comfort of a professional company to manage everything for them.

UnderTheDoormat delivers this exact approach - taking away the risk and fear from homeowners and guests. Hotels are great for certain types of travel, perfect for business trips, but once people stay in a home, their preferences change.

Just as hotels like the Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott have built up brands that have set standards, the same thing needs to happen in the home accommodation sector, so that people would have a brand they can trust.

See Merilee's full interview here.