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The 10 Most Relaxing Things To Do In London

Experience the calming side of London with our pick of the top 10 most refreshing activities in the city. From peaceful and tranquil walks around Hyde Park to relaxing spa days and the quiet of the canals, find your oasis among London’s hustle and bustle. Unwind, revive, and chill out in the capital.


Visit Kew Gardens

Leave the urban chaos behind and soak up the peace and tranquillity of Kew Gardens. Meander through beautiful displays of blooms and exotic plant collections. Step inside the glasshouses and be transported to tropical climates thousands of miles away.

Amble along the tree-lined paths, breathe in the fresh air and soak up all the sights and sounds of nature. Kew Gardens is the ultimate escape from London’s frenetic modern pace. A sanctuary where you can collect your thoughts and maybe even snatch a catnap.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, amid the hustle and bustle of London, offers a serene escape. Wander through landscapes of lush greenery as you take in the fresh air. The Serpentine Lake also offers a meeting spot for an afternoon of serenity. Rent a paddleboat, or simply sit and watch the world go by.

You could spend the day in Hyde Park in peaceful relaxation. Laze about with a picnic on the grassy lawns or relax with a book under the shade of a tree around the gentle lake. Hyde Park is the perfect place to escape the noise of the city.

Thames river cruise

Relax on a tranquil River Thames cruise for a serene way to experience London. Float along the still waters and take in renowned landmarks such as Tower Bridge or Big Ben from a peaceful viewpoint.

Enjoy the gentle breeze as you coast leisurely by sites of historical significance and modern-day marvels. Watch as the city is cast in a warm, golden glow, and the skyline twinkles if you opt for a sunset cruise. A River Thames cruise provides a restive getaway and reveals its city's loveliness as you've never seen it before.

Afternoon tea

Experience the utmost relaxation in London by indulging in the age-old British tradition of afternoon tea. Choose a cosy tearoom or elegant hotel lounge and delight in dainty sandwiches, warm scones, and fancy pastries.

You'll bask in a wide variety of aromatic tea served in fine china as you unwind in a calm yet sophisticated setting. Afternoon tea in London can be enjoyed alone, with a loved one or friends, and offers a peaceful respite from the city's energy through the age-old art of serene relaxation.

Spa day

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with a luxury spa day in London. Chill out in chic surroundings as expert therapists treat you to indulgent treatments such as massages, facials, and body wraps. Soak in peaceful pools, saunas, and steam rooms, leaving all your stresses and strains far behind.

Many of the spas also offer tranquillity lounges where you can recline with herbal tea or fruit-infused water, enveloped in stillness. A spa day in London is a pure escape and offers the best way to rejuvenate in a haven of calm.

Visit a museum or gallery

Step into a haven of tranquillity as you explore London's world-class museums and galleries. Uncover enchanting galleries adorned with priceless works and artefacts, allowing your mind to drift and bask in the beauty surrounding you.

Admire masterpieces by greats of the art world or immerse yourself in absorbing displays that unfurl the stories of countless people and epochs. Many museums lay claim to serene spots for reflection, offering a restful refuge from the hurly-burly of the city beyond their walls.

Regent's Canal walk

Regent’s Canal offers a soothing escape in London, enveloped in tranquillity as if it were miles from the urban jungle. Wander aimlessly along this peaceful waterway, where a lush landscape leads to charming houseboats. You’ll be greeted by the serene sound of lapping water, accompanied by birdsong that will draw you into the calm.

Admire the vivid colours of the canal boats and historical architecture along the way. Whether you find yourself on your own or in the company of others, a canal-side walk is nothing short of a blissful retreat from the city's gridlocked streets in search of a gentle repose.

Watch a play or musical

Treat yourself to an enchanting experience with an evening of drama and live music at one of London’s top theatres. Let talented actors transport you to another time and place, laugh or cry, and be inspired as they share a story on stage.

From classic dramas to lively musicals, there’s something for everyone in the wonderful world of the theatre. Sit back in plush seats as actors and musicians bring stories to life, making you feel part of the action. It’s more than just a show… it’s a chance to relax and unwind surrounded by art and culture.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, London offers a plethora of serene activities for relaxation seekers. From tranquil walks along the Thames to rejuvenating spa experiences, the city's parks, galleries, and tea rooms provide ample opportunities to unwind. Whether indulging in a leisurely afternoon tea or finding solace in nature, London's charm soothes the soul.

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