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12 Top Things To Do In Greenwich

Discover the top 12 things to do in Greenwich, London, with our guide that include the best attractions and activities in this historic borough. From the iconic Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark to serene walks in Greenwich Park and cultural treasures like the National Maritime Museum, explore the best of this charming riverside destination.


Visit the Royal Observatory

Unravel the celestial legacy of Greenwich and travel to the Royal Observatory. Take a stroll on the ancient Prime Meridian Line, constituting the borderline separating the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, and explore the cradle of Greenwich Mean Time. Delve into the cosmos and unravel the secrets of astronomy through a realm of interactive exhibits set against a breathtaking view of London’s horizon.

Acquire knowledge on the history of navigation and time, losing yourself in the ocean of the scientific heritage that has sculpted our perception of the universe. A visit to the Royal Observatory will be an educational and awe-inducing experience to remember!


Tour the Cutty Sark

Embark on a seafaring voyage to the Cutty Sark, one of Greenwich’s most enduring sights. Step into this steel-rigged tea clipper, measuring stunning masts and a streamlined design. Unearth its historical decks and cabins and relive the age of sail. Learn of its glorious career as a merchant ship and its perilous journeys across the world. Listen to stories of business, exploration, and opportunity that resonate in the fully restored hull.

From the interactive displays to immersive experiences, a tour of the Cutty Sark provides a fascinating glance at Greenwich’s seafaring history. Unquestionably, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for seafaring enthusiasts and history lovers.


Discover the National Maritime Museum

Peel back the layers of Greenwich’s long seafaring past at the National Maritime Museum. The museum boasts numerous exhibits and displays that recount the story of Britain’s maritime past. Including naval battles and conflict, exploration and discovery, and trade and commerce, explore many of the dominant themes of maritime life.

Among the many attractions of the museum are some of the most famous boats in the world; incredibly detailed models of sailing ships, as well as immersive displays that take you back to the secrets of the sea. There are also numerous interactive displays discovering the historical heartaches and wonder of maritime history. With such a wealth of collection and spectacular displays, the National Maritime Museum is a must-visit for those with an interest in maritime history and boat enthusiasts in Greenwich.


Stroll through Greenwich Park

If you’re looking for things to do in Greenwich, you have to experience the serenity of nature in Greenwich Park. Walking through the park is the most peaceful event one can hold in their life. All the greenery, the English sky, and London as a city are all visible. The Historic landmarks to enjoy the view at are Royal Observatory and The Old Royal Naval College.

Upon the walk, you can encounter London’s wildlife, boat in the lake, or climb to the top of the hill for a beautiful British sunset. There are small hidden flower gardens, walking streets, and silent small forests. You can relax after jogging, reading the book, picnicking with friends and family, or enjoy time for solitude away from city life. Greenwich Park has become everyone’s favorite oasis in London.


Explore the Old Royal Naval College

Journey across the centuries of maritime history with a visit to the Old Royal Naval College situated in Greenwich. Stroll across grand halls and splendid courtyards and admire magnificent architectural masterpieces by Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor. Explore the royal history of the site and its subsequent transformation into a well-known naval training site.

Stand at the baroque enchantment of the Painted Hall featuring dazzling frescos. Admire the peaceful green fields and uncover numerous marvels, such as the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul. As a whole, the Old Royal Naval College, with its numerous treasures of art history and breathtaking architecture, reveals the tale of the British naval spirit.


Climb the Painted Hall

Climb to artistic greatness with a visit to the world-famous Painted Hall in Greenwich. Experience the Baroque brilliance of this iconic building, decked with the stunning frescoes of Sir James Thornhill. See elaborate allegorical motifs and cosmic themes woven into the walls and ceiling. Be told of the history of the building, which has been situated in the heart of the village for centuries as a cultural marvel.

View the luxurious environment and the attention to detail in the artwork that has fascinated tourists for centuries. A trip to the Painted Hall is a once-in-a-lifetime artistic adventure that delves you deep into Greenwich’s historic, artistic heart.


Take a Thames River Cruise

Opt for a charming Thames River cruise in Greenwich and embark on a captivating journey down the River Thames. Leave from the local docks and witness the London skyline, including landmarks such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the Shard. Pass by serene river banks and lively urban spaces set to the rhythm of the lively capital. Dine on your choice of selection and grab a drink while snuggling up on your boat and learning more about the surroundings through live commentary.

A Thames River cruise is an unforgettable experience, by day or night, allowing you to discover more about the city and marvel at the timeless sights along its banks – a prime reason as to why you should visit Greenwich.


Visit the Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is a sensory feast, bringing to life a whirlwind of fresh colors, scents, and tastes. Be prepared to explore the vibrant tapestry of this local venue, filled with vivid displays of handmade crafts, vintage finds, and mouth-watering gastronomic delights. Wind down the busy stalls, filled with artisanal vendors selling their masterpieces, as well as street food stalls tempting you with their delicious dishes inspired by cuisines from all across the globe.

Enjoy gourmet snacks and a mug of espresso while absorbing the bustling ambiance of the market. Engage with the local craftsmen and discover unique mementos to take home with you. The market’s lively atmosphere and creative prowess reflect the community’s vitality, harmony and artistic inspiration. It is definitely worth dropping by Greenwich to do some shopping and dining.


Explore the Fan Museum

Enter the fascinating realm of handheld fans at the Fan Museum, situated in the district of Greenwich. The museum boasts of an exceptional selection of admirably developed fans sourced from across cultures and generations.

An exhibit rotates around the museum, and other interactive displays explain the craft, social role, and other art elements concerning the fans. Additionally, the charming Georgian townhouse is surrounded by peaceful gardens. Because of the blend of history, art, and physical culture, the fan museum stands out in Greenwich.


Attend a performance at the Greenwich Theatre

Enjoy the wonder of live theatre at the Greenwich Theatre, located in the heart of the borough and a cultural hub that, however, is well worth the visit. Be enthralled by a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, comedy acts, and concerts. Get to know local talent and global masterpieces alike in an intimate and inspiring setting.

Be entertained and inspired by masters of their craft, delivering the most unique and exciting shows. From comedy to drama, the program offers something for people of all ages and tastes. Through a wide range of performances and dedication to producing excellent entertainment, the Greenwich Theatre is a thriving contributor to the performing arts community.


Experience the Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Take an underground tour to explore the engineering wonder of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the River Thames. Stroll or pedal your way through the historic passageway that runs beneath the river from Greenwich to Isle of Dogs. Admire the amazing architecture from the Victorian era and be amazed by the dynamics of the cityscape from this unprecedented vantage point.

Enjoy the hushed murals, echoing footsteps, and river lap. Be thrilled as you make your way through this iconic waterway and take in the panoramic sightlines high above the city. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel is a memorable journey through the past and the future that takes you exploring the depths beneath the peak of urban activity.


Relax at Greenwich Peninsula

Escape to a picturesque combination of riverside tranquility and recreational exuberance at Greenwich Peninsula. Relax by the riverside and take in the fresh air and sweeping views of the River Thames below. Dine at the outdoor riverside restaurants, sampling gourmet dishes while being caressed by a cool, refreshing breeze.

Enjoy water-based activities, such as paddleboarding and kayaking, or take a relaxing walk along the prom. Attend lively events and cultural displays such as open-air performances and spectacular art pieces. From fun and wind-swept watersports to rejuvenating respites from stress, grasping the inspiring beauty of the Greenwich Peninsula allows people to experience the natural world.


Final thoughts

Discover breathtaking Greenwich with all its wonder: a timeless fusion of history, arts, and the environment, it’s a world away from anywhere else. Tour the landmarks, explore the living history, or just enjoy one of the many hidden treasures. Book your activities with Lovetovisit to explore everything this vibrant south-east London destination has to offer.