UnderTheDoormat and Love Cocoa Giveaway!

At UnderTheDoormat we are always looking for ways to make our company more sustainable. We care about the planet and want to help in any way we can to make our day to day more eco-friendly. This is where the beautiful partnership with Love Cocoa began! In our homes our guests will all receive a welcome pack. In this pack there will be a variety of things to help make your stay more comfortable, and what better way to start your stay than with (you guessed it) a delicious bar of chocolate. We chose Love Cocoa because of their contribution to the climate!

We have teamed up with them to give one lucky winner the chance to win some amazing prizes. See below for details

To celebrate our wonderful partnership, we are doing a very special giveaway!

Click the link below and head to our Instagram to enter our competition! You could be in with the chance of winning Love Cocoa's Valentines Day chocolate collection and £50 off a stay in one of UnderTheDoormat’s luxury properties!



About Love Cocoa

The most important thing to start with is, their chocolate tastes amazing! There are so many different flavours from Honeycomb, to Prosecco to Dark Sea Salt and that’s not even a fraction of the choices available. But another reason is their dedication to making a positive impact on the climate. Their inspiration comes from George Cadbury and his dedication to sustainability and the environment. It is well known that Cocoa farming is one of the main contributors to deforestation and Love Cocoa don’t shy away from this information, in fact they pledge to plant a tree from every bar of chocolate they sell. In 2020 alone they planted more than 500k trees in Cameroon and they aren’t stopping there! They plan on continuing this project with the hope of becoming carbon neutral.


Why we choose to work with Love Cocoa

As a company we are very conscious of the fact that businesses like ours can do more to help reduce climate change and we are constantly looking for ways we can improve. As we provide a welcome pack to all our guests, we wanted to look for ways to make sure this is in a environmentally friendly way. Whilst we made lots of changes to the products we stocked one of them was our chocolate. We have had a strong and successful partnership with Love Cocoa since 2017 and hope to continue it for many years to come.

Enter our giveaway and see for yourself how delicious it is. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for more exciting giveaways!