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The 15 Best Rooftop Bars In London

London is a city full of wonderful views, and if you’re only visiting the area for a short amount of time, you want to make the most out of your time there. That’s why if you’re planning on going out for drinks or light bites, you might want to opt for a rooftop bar which helps you kill two birds with one stone.

But with so many fantastic options in the city, it can be hard to find the best rooftop bars in London to try out. But don’t worry, as we’ve put together the ultimate guide with 15 bars that you might want to visit during your trip here. 



Sabine Rooftop Bar stands as a lush, elevated hideaway with breathtaking panoramas of St. Paul's Cathedral piercing the skyline. The establishment is an urban sanctuary decked with verdant foliage and a transparent dome that bathes visitors in sunlight by day and offers a romantic starlit canopy by night. 

Expertly crafted cocktails are the highlight here, each a blend of botanical essences that mirror the bar's garden-inspired surroundings. The culinary offerings are thoughtfully curated to include an array of small dishes and shareable feasts, all showcasing the freshest ingredients of the season. Sabine is the quintessential locale for unwinding post-work, savouring the weekend, or enjoying an intimate evening — all while indulging in the pleasure of a drink with a view.



The Berkeley

The Berkeley's rooftop bar offers a unique retreat above the city. Guests are greeted with unrivalled views that stretch over Hyde Park, framing the London skyline beautifully. This destination exudes a serene luxury, harmonising with the calm yet elegant decor. The bar curates a sophisticated menu featuring expertly mixed cocktails and gourmet light fare tailored for those with discerning tastes.

As daylight fades, the space transforms, illuminated by the soft luminescence of the setting sun or the distant city lights. It's a haven for quiet conversations or peaceful moments alone, a perfect counterpoint to London's bustling streets below. The Berkeley rooftop bar is a place where every visit is an opportunity to indulge in an atmosphere of exclusive tranquillity, high above the everyday.



The Rooftop

The Rooftop stands as an elevated sanctuary in the heart of London's West End, seamlessly blending into the dynamic backdrop of Theatreland. Visitors ascend to discover a space where tranquillity reigns, despite the energetic buzz from the streets below. The sweeping views from this vantage point are dramatic, encompassing landmarks like The Shard and the London Eye, all framed against the expansive cityscape.

With a design that is both modern and inviting, The Rooftop offers a laid-back yet fashionable vibe, perfect for both after-show cocktails and leisurely weekend lounging. The bar menu showcases creative concoctions, each cocktail crafted with precision and a flair for storytelling through taste. Complementing the beverages, a selection of delectable small plates and sharing dishes enhances the laid-back luxury, capturing London's eclectic culinary culture from an exquisite height.



8 at The Londoner

Atop The Londoner, bar 8 emerges as a sanctuary of sophistication amidst Leicester Square's vibrancy. This rooftop establishment is a testament to modern elegance, drawing in a chic clientele with its refined design and atmospheric appeal.

The bar's commitment to an exceptional drinking experience is evident in its cocktail offerings, which showcase a fusion of high-end spirits and unique flavours alongside gourmet small dishes that delight the senses. The vibe of Bar 8 strikes a balance between an intimate rendezvous point and a pulsating spot for the city's elite to mingle. As a destination for both casual meetings and celebratory evenings, bar 8 at The Londoner stands out as a beacon of contemporary luxury high above the streets of London.



Bar Elba

In the bustling vicinity of Waterloo, Bar Elba emerges as a celebration of freedom and festivity, channelling the vibe of its namesake, the island of Elba, famously linked to Napoleon's exile. This rooftop venue brings to life a festive party atmosphere, adorned with a constellation of fairy lights, infusing each evening with a touch of magic under the London sky.

The bar prides itself on a diverse cocktail menu, with each creation paying homage to the eternal summer of Mediterranean shores. Street food-inspired snacks complement the spirited concoctions, perfect for sharing as laughter and conversation fill the air. Bar Elba is more than a bar; it's a rooftop destination where the night comes alive, friends gather, and the panoramic cityscape becomes the backdrop for unforgettable moments.




Perched atop Kensington's dynamic neighbourhood, Bloom Rooftop Bar is an enchanting urban retreat that draws inspiration from a flourishing garden. The space is a tapestry of lush greenery and botanical designs, offering an invitingly warm ambience where nature's beauty is celebrated in the city's heart.

Craft cocktails infused with a variety of botanicals headline the menu, complementing the naturalistic theme of the bar. These creations are paired with seasonal culinary offerings that promise a feast for the senses. Bloom is a serene getaway, complete with stunning vistas of the sprawling city below. It's a delightful sanctuary for patrons to enjoy leisurely drinks and convivial conversations in a space that artfully blends the charm of the outdoors with the sophistication of a top-tier London bar.


Forza Wine

Forza Wine commands an exquisite locale that magnetises those who appreciate elevated drinking spaces. The venue boasts a panoramic spectacle of London's majestic skyline, offering views from the serpentine River Thames to the towering Shard.

The establishment is renowned for its extensive wine list, featuring a variety of refined vintages and innovative aperitifs to please both connoisseurs and new enthusiasts. Complementing the beverage experience, the menu offers an array of Italian-influenced delicacies, perfect for pairing. This rooftop haven provides a sophisticated yet cosy setting for enjoying the enchanting city lights, encapsulating a sense of being simultaneously at the heart of the city and in a secluded escape.



The Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton's rooftop bar stands out as an iconic spot, reflecting the neighbourhood's quirky and artistic vibe. This venue is a chameleon of sorts, featuring a sun-soaked terrace in the warmer months and a cosy, tented wigwam when winter descends, ensuring a unique experience with every visit.

As night approaches, the rooftop buzzes with energy under a canopy of twinkling lights, with guests mingling and revelling in the spirited ambience. The bar menu boasts a wide selection of drinks, ranging from timeless cocktails to artisanal beers, all paired with various street food options. Beyond just a place for drinks, The Queen of Hoxton is a cultural haven, regularly hosting many events, including live music and open-air film nights, creating a vibrant intersection of creativity and leisure perched above London's streets.



Duck & Waffle

Perched on the 40th story, Duck & Waffle offers a dizzying perspective of London's sprawling metropolis. This sky-high venue is renowned not only for its panoramic views but also for being open around the clock, welcoming guests at any hour to indulge in its eponymous culinary delight and more.

With a cocktail list that’s as creative as it is diverse, alongside a comprehensive collection of fine spirits, the bar at Duck & Waffle is a haven for those seeking to sip on something special. The decor strikes a balance between elegance and whimsy, providing an apt setting for both the morning espresso enthusiast and the nighttime mixology aficionado. Duck & Waffle stands as a vibrant heartbeat high above London, where the ambience is always lively.




Netil360, nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Hackney, exudes an effortless cool that's synonymous with East London's ethos. Far from the polished high-rise bars, it delivers a rooftop scene that's refreshingly authentic, with a decor that's eclectic yet understated — think rustic wooden seating and stretches of green astroturf.

Sweeping views at this rooftop bar offer a unique, unadorned panorama of London's diverse cityscape. The drink selection celebrates local craftsmanship, featuring an array of microbrewery beers, timeless cocktails, and a curated wine list. Complimentary to the libations, the food menu presents an array of simple yet satisfying options suitable for any palate.

Netil360 is more than a spot to grab a drink — it's a hub for community activities, from sunrise yoga to vibrant DJ-led nights.



Boundary Rooftop

Perched atop the Terence Conran-crafted Boundary Project, Boundary Rooftop is a verdant escape within the vibrant Shoreditch area. The space is a harmonious blend of natural greenery set against the backdrop of East London's urban charm. A striking glass canopy wraps around the area, offering shelter and comfort throughout the seasons, making it a welcoming haven any time of year.

With a sweeping skyline panorama that includes The Gherkin and The Shard, the rooftop beckons guests to enjoy the view, along with a refined selection of handcrafted cocktails and a comprehensive wine collection. The menu, inspired by the cuisines of the Mediterranean, showcases dishes with bright, fresh flavours. The Boundary Rooftop’s ambience balances sophistication and comfort, making it an ideal venue for relaxed afternoon soirees and spirited evening socials.



Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit offers an elevated bar experience that captures the essence of London's sophisticated nightlife. It stands out with a sleek, minimalist design that allows the magnificent views of the cityscape, including the bustling Oxford Circus, to take centre stage.

Expert mixologists at Aqua Spirit curate a cocktail selection that merges creativity with classic taste, delivering a spectrum of flavours for every palate. The rooftop's terrace is a prime spot, inviting guests to indulge in their crafted beverages under the open sky or while basking in the glow of the setting sun. Aqua Spirit is the perfect spot for post-work relaxation or a swanky evening rendezvous, offering a blend of refined elegance and vibrant energy right in the city's pulsing heart.



Dalston Roofpark

Dalston Roofpark stands as an eclectic rooftop haven, mirroring the inventive spirit for which the district is known. This rooftop escape offers a whimsical touch with its colourful furnishings, strings of lights, and a variety of plants, adding a touch of greenery to the concrete canvas of the city.

Here, patrons can sip on inventive cocktails, enjoy a selection of local craft beers, and taste organic wines. The Roofpark is a cultural hotspot that regularly features an assortment of events, from energetic DJ nights to serene film screenings, each adding to the roof's unique charm. As a space that's more than a mere bar, Dalston Roofpark serves as a communal canvas where art and sociability bloom amidst breathtaking urban views.



Frank’s Cafe

Frank's Cafe has become a staple of London's summer scene, perched atop a Peckham multi-level car park. This spot celebrates the warmer months with an opening that has become a ritual for the city's denizens. With a decor that embraces the bare concrete surroundings, it creates an atmosphere that's all about the joy of simplicity and the expansive sky above.

The menu at Frank's Cafe keeps things straightforward yet delightful, featuring a range of skillfully mixed cocktails, beers, and wines, along with a selection of uncomplicated, satisfying dishes. The cafe's real treasure is its sweeping views across London's skyline, offering a vista from the Shard all the way to Canary Wharf. More than just a place to grab a drink, Frank's Cafe is a vibrant gathering spot that embodies the pulse of the city.



12th Knot

On the South Bank, atop the Sea Containers building, the 12th Knot lounge presents an oasis of style high above the Thames. This rooftop bar is a tapestry of vibrant, plush furnishings, with vast windows that frame iconic views, including the majestic St Paul's Cathedral.

Stepping out onto the terrace, guests are enveloped in panoramic scenes of London’s grandeur, making it a magnet for both city dwellers and wandering souls alike.

The bar is renowned for its masterful cocktail creations, each a testament to the art of mixology. The atmosphere pulsates with energy, thanks to a curated lineup of live music and DJ performances that infuse the evenings with rhythm and vitality. The 12th Knot isn't just a bar; it's a destination, a beacon of elegance and excitement on the London nightlife scene.